Mum’s WishList

Here’s what I would LOVE for my Birthday and Christmas this year please…



2021 is the Year of the (metal) Ox – a very good year for Roosters (Michael) by the way.  Plus the Ox is the secret friend of the Rat (MJ)! So any OX would be auspicious…  (A charm or a statuette or a stuffed toy).  Especially a PAIR of oxen (male + female) – see below!

This Moleskine Year of the Ox notebook is fabulous!



The Metal Ox is ‘yin’ metal – so any item of jewellery or pin would be beautiful. is a very good shop for things like this.



My big wish for 2021 is to manifest a relationship with a wonderful, loving, KIND supportive man…   So anything which features Krishna & Radha would be brilliant (as they symbolise the perfect relationship)


Also anything Jesus – as he symbolises the evolved masculine….


PS Do not say ‘That looks like Gary’


This includes crucifixes….  (But preferably not with Jesus hanging dead on them!) Again, Etsy is a great source of unique items. Or shops in Bakewell!





Knee high THIN socks to wear inside my boots…  

Foot size 7



Finally, Snoozi slippers are ALWAYS welcome!!!



Many thanks!


Mum x