88 Days to Prosperity

*** FULLY BOOKED FOR 2012***

What will your life be like 88 days from now?

In the same place of struggle around money?  

Or in a new space of prosperity consciousness and in flow and abundance?

This new 88 day one-to-one mentoring programme is designed to completely transform your financial fortunes.

We start with a one-to-one mentoring webinar where I really get to understand you, your business, and your short term, medium term and long term goals.    Together we review your website and any other marketing collateral you’d like me to look at.  This session typically lasts 60 minutes but if we need more time I am happy to go on longer.  The key thing is for me to really understand the magic of you and your gift to the world and where the value lies.

We also talk through the challenges you are experiencing and a bit about your ‘money story’.  From listening to you speak I get to understand some of the emotional dynamics you have around money – and any blocks that need clearing.  (We all speak our future into existence through the words we use and a good coach will pick up on and help you correct any negative patterns.)

We then agree on what you would love to achieve by the end of the 88 days – whether these are financial targets or otherwise – and agree on an outline plan to get you there.

This initial session can be very powerful and almost mind blowing, as a lot of energy, insights and ideas are released.  I’ve found through years of mentoring that it’s essential to have time to let your thoughts settle – plus I often have additional insights which have come through to me.  So there’s a 30 minute follow up call via Skype a week or so later.  We talk through these ideas and thoughts, and create an Action Plan and agree on what you need to focus on achieving by the next session.

There’s then a 60 minute one to one coaching session at each 30 and 60 days, during which I help keep you stay focused and on track, discuss any blocks or issues you’re experiencing as we get you to your target.

We then have a final 60 minute closing session at 88 days to discuss the outcome of the Programme and to set you a new medium term goal based on your results.

It’s a total of around 5 hours’ mentoring/coaching in all, combined with email support as and when needed, for which you’ll get priority attention within my Inbox.  Plus I have a whole address book of contacts which I am happy to share with you to help you unlock your business.

My focus is on helping you achieve financial results way in excess of the amount you have invested.

Your investment in transforming your business is £888 –  payable £368 to secure your place on the programme and the balance by two x £260 monthly instalments.  

This programme is fully booked for 2012 but if you would like to reserve a place commencing 11 January 2013 be sure to book now using the PayPal button below.

I hope I can help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s to your Prosperity!








PS If cashflow is a real issue for you right now then to get things started why not opt for my super low cost Business Alchemy 28 Day Video Mentoring Programme?  At just £33 it is amazing value and will really help you to get into flow and prosperity around money.  All the details are at https://rachelelnaugh.com/business-alchemy 



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