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15 thoughts on “Contact Rachel

  1. Dear Rachel Enlough,
    I too have given up on trying to explain to people, friends etcetera about the evil of how this world is run by around 8 thousand psychopaths. Those ‘people’ are based on 13 elite inbred families who change names frequently. Through the last 10 thousand years, they have remodelled the world of humanity, and pretty much most animal (even by shooting them for fun) and vegetation life! And, by default created rights for us and then sold some of them back to us, but we never returned home through usuary and feudalism (on-going). What you spoke about on your Youtube channel and in particular your recent contribution to the Richie Allen Show resonated with me strongly. Fundamentally, living our lives in accordance with not our natural evolution and talents and instead of living our lives as slaves to a debt-based economy chasing-a -life? We lost love and gained straight lines and symmetry. If you look around the stately homes which we peasants were coerced into building for them and then cutting the trees into lollypop shapes is ridiculous. Who or what are they? Further discussion?
    I would like to friend you on Facebook and Twitter to discuss an alternative way of life and bring together families and communities on lands without protection racketeers and not be beholden to their agents’ Governments!
    I am retired and bored witless and would like to present to you my innovation of a commercial Hi-Fi system which I will build at home as a cottage industry around four sets a month hand-built. These are speakers and amplifier that are a blend of vintage and new tech that will retail for £2,000 (build cost £500) and sound much better than systems costing £20,000 plus! I sold a few pairs to recording studios and a BBC sound recording engineer. I had backing from a group of Surrey stockbrokers in 1995 and they went bust! I’m not looking for finance but a little mentoring like “they sound good” and “come along Ian-get on with it” The best Marketing advice I ever had was from Patrick Barring who told me to ask potential customers what they want to buy and now I’ve designed such based on my early prototypes.
    Greetings from Muswell Hill Ian Hilpus

  2. Hi Rachel
    Thanks for all you do I would like to follow you on telegram if that is possible maybe you can send me an invite link
    Many thanks

  3. Good morning Rachel,
    I am truly enlightened by you just from listening to the podcast with James Delingpole and I am now more determined than ever to get a community group up and running here in Pevensey Bay, Sussex, to challenge the propaganda being pummelled on us. I need some guidance though as I’m more of a practical man than an IT man. I have signed up to your email and zoom contacts and will get instruction on zoom later.
    Now I need to listen to the rest of the podcast before enjoying the fresh air and life for the rest of the day.
    Thank you.
    Tony Rose
    60 yr young retired fireman, father of only 4 sons and Grandad to 7 wonderful Grandchildren.
    Ps protonmail couldn’t recognise the email address I typed in for you?

  4. Dear Rachel, I’ve recently joined your telegram page because a friend mentioned and recommended I join – specifically for support around setting up eco-villages. I’ve just commissioned a website to be built so when this happens please can I pitch my ideas to you? You will not be disappointed- my aim is to bring togetjer the elite in free / critical thinkers to build an alliance and put my special organising methods to work. I’ve waited my whole life to do this. I really need your support. Much love and blessings SoL

  5. Hello Rachel,
    I just wanted to thank you for your interview with James the other day.
    Your description of the psychic/psychological/energetic dimensions of our current catastrophe was masterful. Really clear and accessible. A joy to listen to.
    Many thanks and warm wishes,

  6. Project sovereign

    Really interested in putting money together with like minded people to build a community a friend told me about thus project would love some info on your project

    Much blessings Lorraine

  7. Think you are quite right .
    But I think hanging is too good for ( misnomer if ever there was one) Whitty. An obvious single childless soulless heartless liar.

  8. Thank you for putting your head up when you didn’t need the stick. I heard you on the richie allen show god bless you and us all who can see what is happening and what they want to do to our kids and grandkids. Kind regards.
    A worried grandad.

  9. New Enquiry

    Hi Rachel….. Blessings on your work
    A while back was a long video about Free Masons which I only watched half. Is there any way I ca0n get that back.
    Regards Nin

  10. Thank you for standing up for people and encouraging others to do so.
    We have to come together.
    I feel very lonely in our little (ver conservative) town.
    My wife and I (as well as our 18 year old son) are very ‘awake’ but there’s no support / community group here (Louth, Lincolnshire).

    By the way, we LOVE your part of the UK but the last time we visited the peak district the weather was miserable and we hope to get back there again one day.

    Look after yourself and your family and I look forward to watching more of your videos.


  11. Hi Rachel,
    Well done on what you’re attempting to achieve at Cressbrook Dale. I’m sure you’ll be successful. So many are still blind or wilfully ignorant about the great reset and what’s to come if we don’t put a stop to it and build our own communities and to fight for humanity. I used to live in Wardlow and I would take my dog to Cressbrook Dale every day for a walk and know from speaking with the locals in Wardlow that they just don’t want to know the truth and I was labelled as ‘odd’ and as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. In January 2022, my landlady moved back into her property in Wardlow and my little dog and I have been struggling since to find alternative accommodation (pet friendly) and council are a waste of time and told me to re-home my dog (never!!) and go to a hostel, so for the past nearly 9 months we’ve been camping and it’s been awful and exhausting. With autumn/winter approaching, I was wondering if you knew of anyone who either has a spare room (pet friendly) in their home or a rental? I would love to become part of this adventure with you all and it would be so good to be amongst those who are stepping out of the current system and becoming self-sufficient. To be with my tribe, so to speak. Or if anyone reading my comment can help us out with a room or rental, that would be great. I’m a hard worker but as the months have gone by living in a small tent, I’m exhausted and so is my little dog, and we’d love to find a place together to rest and then help create a better world and help stop the great reset.

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