“I can honestly say after hearing Rachel perform once again, I have no hesitation to recommend her for any event where you need an inspirational speaker from a business background...” Cindy-Michelle Waterfield, Managing Director of ‘The Speakers Company’.

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Rachel Elnaugh is an accomplished business speaker, having been on the professional speaking circuit since her rise to fame as a ‘Dragon’ in the first two series of BBCTV’s acclaimed business show Dragons’ Den in 2005 – successfully delivering over four hundred speeches, events, seminars, workshops and presentations to thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs both in the UK and the US, Europe and Asia.


Here’s Rachel delivering the Keynote Speech at the opening of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Rotterdam with Nick Clegg on 15 November 2010 to an audience of 1,000:

Here’s is a video of Rachel presenting her ‘Business Alchemy‘ seminar to an audience of 170 women at the British Library Conference Centre, London in March 2011, which received rave reviews.

Rachel’s 2012 Business Alchemy Video Programme – based on this seminar and developed into 28 daily videos – is already her most successful mentoring product ever.

Here’s what Cindy-Michelle Waterfield, Managing Director of ‘The Speakers Company’ said about Rachel’s ‘Entrepreneurial Journey’ talk at the EVENT show 2010:

“Just to give you some feedback on Rachel…

The organizers were over the moon with her performance. They had to turn people away from the auditorium as it was full to capacity and there was a good number outside trying to listen in too. I personally had to leave the auditorium so that someone else could get in, so joined with others outside who, like myself, were all glued to her words. This also allowed me an excellent opportunity to listen to the comments made by her audience as they came out. They were all positive and included phrases like: ‘she is so genuine and sincere…’ ‘absolutely inspiring…’ ‘amazing story…’ ‘you can see she is absolutely passionate and authentic…’.

One of the organizers of the event commented on how they could feel Rachel’s emotion and how they could see her almost having tears in her eyes at one stage when she was retelling her journey. One of our team, (who is usually cynical as he has heard so many speakers over the years) commentated on how gifted Rachel is at telling her story and that he felt she actually lit up on the podium and positively glowed!

Rachel’s audience were a mixture of business owners linked to the events industry and event organizers for event companies and commercial companies. Rachel thought she had a bit of a tough audience and after investigating further it actually turned out that many in the audience dropped by our stand just to tell us how riveted they were to her story and was simply awestruck throughout her presentation.

I can honestly say after hearing her perform once again, I have no hesitation to recommend her for any event where you need an inspirational speaker from a business background.

She was an absolute pleasure to work with and have no hesitation to do it again and look forward to doing so. As one bureau to another, Rachel is definitely one of those rare gems of the platform that won’t let you down.”

Rachel was trained in presentation skills by Nicholas Janni at Olivier Mythodrama, in projection skills by voice coach Alice Tierney and has been coached by award winning inspirational speaker Rob Snow and the inimitable prolific speaker, ‘Beermat Entrepreneur’ Mike Southon.

She has undertaken events for a diverse variety of clients including the Institute of Directors, Harvard University, the CBI, the Conservative Party Conference, Scottish Parliament, HSBC, John Lewis, Marketing Week, Cass Business School, Oxford Debating Society and the Mind Body Spirit Festival – as well as speaking at many schools and universities.

Rachel also made her debut as a stand-up comedienne at The Comedy Store on 22 November 2010 in a charity event for London Business Forum which raised £12,000.

As well as her acclaimed ‘Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster’ keynote, Rachel speaks on a variety

of business related topics and always tailors her presentation to the client and the brief for the event. Past subjects have included:

  • Business Alchemy
  • Magnetic Marketing
  • Business Nightmares
  • “The Future is Feminine”
  • Surviving Adversity
  • Finding your Flow
  • Manifesting Prosperity
  • Feng Shui for Business

Rachel is also an accomplished Awards Host including presenting the 2008 Strategic Risk Awards for 1000 people at the Porter Tun Rooms in London, the 2012 KEiBA Awards in Kent to an audience of 450 and both judging and presenting the Free2Network Awards to an audience of 200 in November 2013.

Rachel Elnaugh Business Awards Host

As part of her involvement in any event Rachel always helps event organisers, where requested, to promote their event both via her database of fans and followers and her 10k+ Twitter following, as well as via any Press or PR interviews required of her either on the day or in advance of the event.

To enquire whether Rachel would be available to speak at, host or chair your event, as well as an indication of the associated speaking fee (typically between £1k for a not-for-profit event and £5k for a full day conference) please email her at rachel [at ] rachelelnaugh.com being sure to put SPEAKING in the email title.


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