Cressbrook Dale

On 7 June 2022 a small group of us crowdfunded the acquisition of Cressbrook Dale in the Peak District

~ c70 acres of beautiful ancient woodland and pastureland.


Here’s the original promo video we filmed to give you an idea of the beauty of the land:

Little did we know, until we had journeyed with the land, that we had acquired a natural, magical Temple which I would go as far as to say is a Portal for Planetary Healing. 

Over the months I have created numerous videos charting our adventures as a Conscious Community (including dealing with the primal rage and fear unleashed amongst the local community) some of which are featured below:

In this video I share some of  the secrets of manifestation which lead to our acquisition of the land:

An explanation of some of the metaphysical magic which we discovered at play:

A ‘future vision’ which I shared… (This video was BANNED by YouTube within hours of posting so it was clearly pretty much ‘over target’!)

Gratitude to the 22 awakened souls who energised this opportunity ~ and special thanks to my beautiful Phoenix Rose sisters whose visioning made this possible.  (Especially Mog Fry whose exquisite music and singing accompanies some of the above videos.) 



Rachel x