Intuitive Guidance

Are you in need of clarity on your life purpose or direction?

Are you stuck in challenges and problems which seem impossible to resolve?

Is life proving difficult or traumatic at the moment?

Mask of Enlightenment

Life breakdowns are a sign that a breakthrough is on its way but it often helps to have practical support and guidance on your journey to the next stage of your personal evolution.

As the Consciousness is rising we are going through a Great Purification which is calling for everything that is unhealed to be brought into alignment to allow us to come back to centre, to the heart and make the vertical journey to Source.  This is the reason why so many planets are retrograde during 2017 to help us to review, recapitulate and regenerate every area of our life (more on the Retrogrades when you scroll down the page if you are interested).

I’ve created these special Intuitive Guidance sessions to help you move past resistance and struggle, to understand what life is trying to reveal to you right now.  When we move out of resistance to allow the teachings to land it is often enough to completely unlock everything and watch our life magically transform.

I also draw up your birth chart – which is the blueprint revealing your karmic destiny in this lifetime – to allow me to see what areas the retrograde planets are showing you to focus on during 2017.  While this is not an astrology reading I will use the dynamics of your chart to help us navigate the session.

Your session lasts 90 minutes, though I ask you to allow two hours – as I will always continue until we are complete.  The sessions are online via Zoom technology though I am happy for you to visit me in person at my office in Bakewell, Derbyshire if you would prefer a face to face session.  The sessions are available between 10am and 3pm on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays (although I am able to accommodate you outside these times if necessary).

Your Investment in a One to One Intuitive Guidance Session with Rachel Elnaugh is just £210

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More on the Retrograde planets in 2017…

A planet is said to go ‘retrograde’ when the Earth moves past it in its orbit, giving the illusion that the other planet is going backwards.  These retrograde periods are a time of revisiting the past and are a beautiful opportunity for re-evaluation and healing.  When you look at where they fall in your personal birth chart they shine a spotlight on areas for you to focus on.

The ‘shadow’ period is the time the planet enters the maximum retrograde degree and returns to where it was before it started the retrograde period.


MERCURY Planet of Communication

3 Retrogrades in 2017:

ENTERS SHADOW 27 March 2017  GOES RETROGRADE 9 April 2017 (4 degrees Taurus) GOES DIRECT 3 May 2017 (24 degrees Aries) LEAVES SHADOW 20 May 2017

ENTERS SHADOW 24 July 2017  GOES RETROGRADE 12 August 2017 (11 degrees Virgo) GOES DIRECT 5 September 2017 (28 degrees Leo) LEAVES SHADOW 19 September 2017

ENTERS SHADOW 14 November 2017  GOES RETROGRADE 3 December 2017 (29 degrees Sagittarius) GOES DIRECT 22 December 2017 (13 degrees Sagittarius) LEAVES SHADOW 10 January 2018


VENUS Planet of Love, Relationships and Material Realm Abundance

ENTERS SHADOW 30 January 2017  GOES RETROGRADE 4 March 2017 (13 degrees Aries) GOES DIRECT 15 April 2017 (26 degrees Pisces) LEAVES SHADOW 18 May 2017


JUPITER Planet of Visions, Ideals and Beliefs

ENTERS SHADOW 11 November 2016  GOES RETROGRADE 6 February 2017 (23 degrees Libra) GOES DIRECT 9 June 2017 (13 degrees Libra) LEAVES SHADOW 6 September 2017


SATURN Planet of Responsibilities, Structure and Discipline

ENTERS SHADOW 30 December 2016  GOES RETROGRADE 5 April 2017 (27 degrees Sagittarius) GOES DIRECT 25 August 2017 (21 degrees Sagittarius) LEAVES SHADOW 1 December 2017


URANUS Planet of Inner Freedom

ENTERS SHADOW 15 April 2017  GOES RETROGRADE 2 August 2017 (28 degrees Aries) GOES DIRECT 2 January 2018 (24 degrees Aries) LEAVES SHADOW 19 April 2018


NEPTUNE Planet of Spirituality, Inner Tranquility and Intuition

ENTERS SHADOW 23 February 2017  GOES RETROGRADE 16 June 2017 (14 degrees Pisces) GOES DIRECT 22 November 2017 (11 degrees Pisces) LEAVES SHADOW 13 March 2018


PLUTO Planet of Change and Transformation

ENTERS SHADOW 29 December 2016  GOES RETROGRADE 20 April 2017 (19 degrees Capricorn) GOES DIRECT 28 September 2017 (16 degrees Capricorn) LEAVES SHADOW 19 January 2018


If you would like a one to one session where we will discuss how these retrogrades are affecting you personally during 2017 then please book below…

Your Investment in a One to One Intuitive Guidance Session with Rachel Elnaugh is just £210

To book click on the special automated PayPal button below, scrolling all the way down to complete the fields:

I’m looking forward to being of service to you as part of your personal evolution during 2017.

With love,

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