Created from nothing more than a conversation, with absolutely no budget, within just 8 weeks, attracting an audience of almost 1,200 in London and over 300 more viewing online via the global livestream and attracting rave reviews from those present, this is the story of the now legendary 12.12.12 One World London event.

12.12.12 One World London


Who can say at what exact moment an event is created?  Especially when it is a collaboration woven through much magical synchronicity…

A good starting point would be the evening in May 2011 when a group of us including Nikki Slade, Marie Claire Carlyle and Jude Levy came together in London with an intention to work together on a project around transformation.  Mark Wentworth led us through one of his Dynamic Theatre processes (a spontaneous improvisation where no one knows which part they are playing).  We ended up grouped around Nikki Slade – who we later discovered was playing the part of ‘Oneness’.

Out of that experience emerged ImagoPeopleTV – an online marketing portal featuring many of the stars & supporters of 12.12.12 including Sue Stone, Pauline Crawford and Davina MacKail.  We filmed the first pilot in early November 2011 and Barefoot Doctor was one of the presenters.

Fast forward to 11.11.11 and the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London.  An incredible energy was released as Nikki Slade, Stewart Pearce and Carolyn Cowan amongst others lead a crowd of several hundred through an amazing group chant.

The next day Barefoot Doctor declared his life-long intention to create a mass sound-healing chant, originally to be held on 21.12 at Wembley.  As that date was deemed to be too close to Christmas, the event was moved to 12.12.12.  ‘The Big Om’ was announced in May 2012 and immediately started attracting the attention of many of those who eventually became involved in 12.12.12 One World.  But ‘The Big Om’ increasingly went down an electronic ‘Ibiza’ dance music route and eventually moved location to Zu in Brighton.

When we heard the news about ‘The Big Om’, Marie Claire Carlyle suggested to me that we create another London event in its place.  With 12.12.12 just 8 weeks away it seemed like a crazy dream but we agreed that if we could enroll Diana Cooper to be our leading ‘name’, then the event had a chance.  Next day, Diana said yes!

Nikki Slade agreed to lead the musical chants and the event immediately started attracting big names.  Through another synchronistic encounter Marie Claire met Kelly Dunworth of Stellar Speakers who had been working on another 12.12 project with Stewart Pearce called ‘The Golden Om’.  We agreed to join forces and merge both events, bringing two of Stellar’s other artistes Chris Paradox and Tim Freke.

Davina MacKail explained that the symbolism of 12.12.12 (as told through the Tarot) is the marriage of the ‘Magician’ and ‘The High Priestess’.  In numerology the numbers are read from right to left, thus the feminine energy has to inform and lead the masculine energy.  Both ‘The Big Om’ and ‘The Golden Om’ had been lacking the crucial lead of feminine energy!

Much magic unfolded very quickly as the momentum around 12.12.12 increased.  At one memorable meeting – where the creative direction via the 12 Ascension Chakras was established by a circle of us – we came out to see a big shiny black Bentley parked outside with the number plate 21 DEC.  We took that as a brilliant sign that we were on the right track!

The interesting thing about working on all these ‘fourth dimensional’ projects during the past 18 months is that when the energy is aligned through joy, service, love and mutual respect things manifest with incredible speed.

The minute the vibration lowers into anger, resentment, ego and money-wrangling the flow immediately stops.  And believe me, every emotion and display of the human condition has come up on this incredible journey!

It was through bringing every conflict and problem back into beautiful harmony (or the key of ‘A Major’ as Nikki Slade puts it) that the project was kept on track.

In this learning there is a real lesson for humanity.

The 12.12.12 One World London event was a manifestation of the power of dreams combined with the spirit of collaboration.  Every single person present in the sacred space we created at London Metropole is to be thanked for the part they played in its creation.

What we experienced that day was a demonstration of the awesome power of ‘Oneness’.

Rachel Elnaugh


To watch the PayPerView recording of the 12.12.12 One World event please click here



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