Rachel’s New Book ‘PROSPERITY’

“What a wonderful, inspiring work. It is just who you are, only in print. Everything in it just comes across as someone who has been there and done it and practices what they preach. The whole book just exudes Love. I absolutely love the prosperity mantra. Thank you so much. You are a very wonderful Human being.” – John McCarthy, Entrepreneur



“I’m so in-love with this book. It’s unique really in comparison to many books I’ve read on this topic which tend to give detailed lectures and psycho-analysis… this is simple, clear and written in a way that addresses you directly, giving you time and space to follow guided questions and personalise the book as your own… it almost feels as if you are co-creating it. Rachel expresses herself with such authenticity and with great compassion and love, for you, the reader. It’s exquisitely designed, insightful, non-separating… you are in this thing together and you are going to overcome whatever you need to heal your relationship with money. For me personally, it’s been a cleaning process and a happy, optimistic one at that. I love the whole vibe and energy of transformation this book holds. It has no sales pitch or any inkling of superiority … we are one, and this book wants the best for you… so enjoy!” – Angela Spink, Evolutionary

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