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Over the years I’ve created several low cost online programmes based on my learnings from 30+ years in and around business – specifically designed to help you transform your financial fortunes…



NEW: THE GAME OF BUSINESS AND HOW TO PLAY IT – Special Launch Offer just £9

If everything feels like a struggle it’s time to stop swimming and press the pause button…

This programme will transform the way you do business.  Full details are at 



In this 21 day video programme I take you on a journey to raise your prosperity ‘vibration’ with magical results.


Filmed in 2016 in the £1.75million mansion I manifested 10 days after returning from a magical shamanic pilgrimage to Peru, and based on my 2016 book PROSPERITY it is both testimony to harnessing the powers of the metaphysical realm together with practical material realm money manifestation advice. 

Includes a FREE pdf of my full 2016 book PROSPERITY

21 Day Video Programme – Only £12

To sign up please use the special automated Paypal button below, scrolling all the way down to enter your details. 



In this 8 part video programme delivered over 8 days Rachel shares the 8 key reasons why people typically block flow of prosperity and gives you 8 practical assignments to help you attract the money you deserve in your life.  Created in 2015.


Was £12 – Now just £8

The original revised version of Business Alchemy released in September 2012, incorporating all the recommendations from feedback from the original prototype created in April/May 2012 and filled with practical marketing and business advice as well as mindset essentials.  Business Alchemy continues to be my most successful online programme ever with over 1000 participants to date – with over 80% of participants feeding back stating that the programme had improved their financial fortunes.  Each day for 28 days you receive a video instalment plus there’s a downloadable workbook of exercises to complete each day.


Was £14 – Now just £8

A completely revised, updated version of Business Alchemy released in April 2014 and incorporating all my learnings around Prosperity via creating SourceTV since 2012 – including insight into the power of crowdfunding.


A simple 8 video 8 day programme with key tips on how to improve the feng shui of your home – specifically to allow more prosperity to flow into your life.  This programme was created in 2014 and was inspired by my training in Feng Shui in 2010 with the world’s best selling feng shui author Lillian Too.

AFFLUENCE 2015 – was £15 – now just £8

My fastest selling online programme ever which within 5 days of its launch on 1 January 2015 became the top selling product on SourceTV.  Each day for 15 days you receive a video instalment designed to heal your relationship with money and bring you into effortless flow.

If you would like a One-To-One Intuitive Mentoring Session with me to specifically help you identify and unblock the issues you have in getting into flow around money please go to for details.


Finally, if you’d like to read my 2008 book BUSINESS NIGHTMARES you can still get a copy via Amazon: 

I look forward to helping you on your path to prosperity!


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