The ‘Inner Sanctum’ Eco-Communities

Last updated 17 April 2021

The response to the idea (floated in my Monday Zoom sessions in January 2021) to create a conscious eco-community has been quite breathtaking ~ with over 300 people expressing an interest at the last count, and financial resources totalling c£20million from those who have given a figure of monies which would be available (either immediately or within 12 months) for investment in a suitable freehold property.

Out of this initiative, eco-communities in Scotland, Wales, Sussex and the Peak District have either already been established or are underway.

STOP PRESS!!! There is also an opportunity to acquire the Sipapu retreat centre in Peru!  Details are at:

If you like the sound of being part of an eco-community (and/or investing monies in freehold land at one of these sites), and would like to be part of a future initiative ~ either in the Peak District, South Downs or elsewhere ~ then please register your interest using the form below.  

Please try to be specific in terms of any financial resources you are able to bring to the project either as liquid capital (i.e. funds available immediately) or future capital (e.g. monies which may become available upon the sale of a property) so that we can assess what financial resources there may be available for any acquisition. Registering your interest does not commit you to anything and you may withdraw your interest at any time.

Within an hour of completing the form (on the next hour)  you’ll receive a confirmation email with the link to the private Inner Sanctum Telegram group.  Here you will find links to Telegram groups for each specific location.

Please be assured that all the information you provide will be held in total confidence.

With best wishes,

Rachel x