Member of Parliament for [YOUR CONSTITUENCY]

House of Commons






Dear [NAME]

In the light of the new proposed wave of restrictions after the current lockdown ends I now ask you to answer the following specific questions:

  • What is the evidence that the PCR test, which is being used to justify all of these restrictions, specifically tests for Covid-19 and not just coronavirus in general – which includes the common cold?
  • Please confirm what percentage of ‘positive’ tests are symptomatic and therefore can be considered as ‘cases’ i.e. how many people are actually ill as a result of this disease?
  • The Government is using rising death rates as justification for ongoing restrictions. Please explain why the statistics for causes of death show significant year on year DROPS in influenza and pneumonia.  Could it be that these deaths are being re-labelled as Covid-19?
  • Why do the death statistics not report how many deaths are currently happening due to suicide?
  • In his speech last week the Prime Minister announced that the Government has ordered 350million doses of Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ from various companies. Please advise how much money the Government has committed to fund these 350million doses?  Please advise how this will be funded? Please confirm why 350million doses are needed for a population of just 66 million, when only 42% have been surveyed as ‘very likely’ to agree to taking it?  Please confirm why the Government feels that it is necessary to vaccinate the entire population (as proposed) for a ‘disease’ for which there is a 99.99% survival rate?
  • Given that the ‘vaccinations’ being proposed are a completely new technology which uses genetic engineering to modify DNA, what is the justification for rushing through their use after only a few months of testing when the medium to long term side effects are completely unknown? And why have the pharmaceutical companies involved in creating these ‘vaccinations’ been given complete exemption from any liability for any side effects – and even death – which may occur?  Please confirm whether the Government will compensate individuals and their families should illness/death result from these vaccinations?
  • Please advise why the Government continues to ignore the tens of thousands of doctors worldwide now speaking out against what is going on, instead preferring to rely on scientific advice from a small number of advisors who are bankrolled by the pharmaceutical industry?
  • I am certain that you have watched the many, many incidents captured on video across social media of Police intimidation, bullying and violence towards peaceful protests by those questioning the current Covid regime. Indeed, your fellow Tory MP Sir Charles Walker spoke out in the House of Commons this week after he witnessed the brutal arrest of a 72 year old woman for peacefully protesting outside the House of Commons.  Given that orders cascade down from the top, please explain why the Home Secretary Priti Patel, having been found guilty of bullying via an independent review into her conduct, has not been removed from her ministerial role?
  • In his Conservative Party speech earlier this year, the Prime Minister spoke about ‘The Great Reset’ ~ a concept modelled by World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab. Please confirm whether or not the Prime Minister has committed this country to being part of ‘The Great Reset’ and, if so, please advise when the Plan was made public and debated upon in the House of Commons and voted through by a majority of MPs?

Please be aware that all MPs involved in supporting the Government’s current policies ~ which are causing so much despair and economic devastation ~ will undoubtedly be called to account in Nuremberg-type trials for Crimes against Humanity.

Please be aware that your response (or lack of response) to the specific questions posed above may be used in evidence in any future legal proceedings.

Yours sincerely,