Over the coming months it is my intention to run as an Independent candidate in the following elections:

Bakewell Ward Local Council Election 22 February 2024:

Derbyshire Dales MP General Election (rumoured to be 2 May 2024):

East Midlands Mayor campaign 2 May 2024:


If you would like to assist me, here are the ways in which you can help:

  • Please SHARE my posts and information to everyone you know within the Bakewell/Derbyshire Dales/ East Midlands area
  • Please VOLUNTEER to assist me in campaigning and leaflet distribution
  • If you are a Wikipedia editor please HELP ME to restore my Biography on there (which has been hacked by misinformation and propaganda)
  • Please ASSIST in the funding of my campaigns. Although standing as a local councillor is free, it costs £500 to stand in each of the East Midlands Mayor Election and the General Election. A total of £1,000. This deposit is refundable provided I receive 5% of the vote. In addition, I am going to need to find monies for the free mailshot which I am entitled to send to every household in the constituency ~ which could amount to several £000’s. Unlike big political party candidates I do not have any funding available to me. Assistance of up to £50 from each of my friends and followers is not deemed to be a donation.  Anything above this amount requires to meet the rules & regulations – which you can find on the Electoral Commission website at

In short, if you send more than £50 and you do not provide your name and address, together with confirmation that you fall within the guidelines – I am required to offer your monies up to the Electoral Commission !!!  

No doubt Satan will be attempting to tempt me during this process…

So, if you are in a position to support me financially (which is gratefully appreciated) it’s probably best to send £50 (or less! All support welcome, no matter how small) in cash to me at: Riversley, Cunningham Place, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1DD, together with your name and address + email address or mobile number – so that I can send you an acknowledgment + a thank you note.

Many others have discovered that using bank accounts (or PayPal accounts) for ‘political’ donations has had them closed down – hence why I am not including these here.

Finally, if you’d like to make contact, please email me at Rachel[at] putting LOVE in the email title.

Many thanks!

Rachel x


Read my full Biography here:

Promoted by: Rachel Elnaugh-LOVE, Riversley, Cunningham Place, Bakewell DE45 1DD