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The next election I shall be standing for is East Midlands Mayor on 2 May 2024.  

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Below is the text of my original campaign letter for the Bakewell Ward by-election on 22 February 2024, which includes hyperlinks + videos to the sources of my information.  (After receiving extensive feedback from my friends and followers I revised the format to create the Election Campaign leaflet which you may well have received)


Riversley, Cunningham Place, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1DD

Dear Fellow Bakewell Resident,

You may be aware that a by-election for the Bakewell Ward is coming up on Thursday 22nd February 2024.  This follows the resignation of local councillor Mark Wakeman. 

This is a hotly contested seat, yet it would appear that I am the ONLY candidate standing for election who actually lives in Bakewell Ward !!!  Why on earth would we wish to elect a Councillor who does not actually live here ?   (Note: Edensor is in the Chatsworth Ward)

Word on the street is that Cllr. Wakeman could no longer support Conservative Party-political policies.  And who can blame him? 

Did anyone who voted for BoJo back in December 2019 seriously believe that they would be sanctioning the support of Israel in its mass slaughter of women and children in Palestine? 

And were you as outraged as I was to hear that Rishi Sunak has just committed to sending a further £2.5 billion of OUR money to Ukraine in military spending?  (This is on top of the £4,600,000,000 of taxpayers’ money already sent there.)  This is while there are people in this country who cannot afford to heat their homes – and millions are now attending food banks. 

Local CON Party MP Sarah Dines has recently made a huge fuss about the imminent closure of Bakewell’s Nat West bank (co-incidentally due to happen on the same day as the by-election), yet this is all part of her very own Government’s push ever closer to a cashless society and the introduction of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – which has the potential to give the ‘Authorities’ total command/control over our money and transactions. 

One minute we are being told that we need to get to ‘Net Zero’ carbon emissions, the next that we need to jump in our cars and drive to Chesterfield to do our banking!  Following the 2008 banking bailout, the People still own 38.6% of NatWest – and therefore the Government could easily assert its authority to stop this local bank closure if it wanted to.

Sadly, now that the Labour Party leadership has fallen to Keir Starmer, there is no longer any real Opposition to what is going on.  It is a disgrace that Jeremy Corbyn was labelled an ‘Anti-Semite’ and booted out of the Party.  (It would appear that anyone who speaks out against the genocide currently going on is labelled an ‘Anti-Semite’.) 

Starmer has publicly declared his support of Davos over Westminster.  Davos in Switzerland is the annual meeting place of the (unelected) World Economic Forum, where many of the 3,000 ‘rich and powerful elite’ attendees fly in by private jet – and then dictate to the rest of us how we should all switch to electric vehicles to ‘Save the Planet’.

Meanwhile, the CON Party is poised to sign us all up to the World Health Organisation ‘Pandemic Treaty’ (WHO being another unelected body, which it should be noted receives significant funding from WEF ‘Strategic Partners’) who are talking up the (as yet unknown) next ‘big global health threat’ – which they are calling ‘Disease X’ – but for which they are miraculously already formulating a miracle jab cure !!!

Indeed, all the main political parties are now aligned to the policies promulgated by the WEF and WHO, which are having a hugely detrimental effect on the prosperity and well-being of people across the planet.  The sad truth is that any Councillor tied to a political party has to jump to the tune of its policies and agenda, rather than do what is right for The People whom they represent.


Lib Dems

Green Party

As a result of speaking out about what is going on since September 2020 I have been extensively attacked and smeared by the (WEF controlled) mainstream media, my videos have been erased from the internet (again by WEF controlled platforms), my Wikipedia biography has been trashed and I have even had Police on my doorstep accusing me of committing election fraud! 

Despite being one of many co-owners, I have also personally been subjected to a local Hate Campaign re: Cressbrook Dale. You will find the TRUTH at

I am not an ‘Anti-Vaxxer’.  I am pro fully informed consent.  And the jabs were not ‘vaccines’ in the traditional sense; they were not-yet-fully-tested experimental MRNA technology, which have caused untold pain & suffering, plus a huge increase in deaths. So many people have told me that they bitterly regret succumbing to the jab, and that their health has never been the same since.  Yet the COVID Enquiry is now delayed until after the next General Election.

This video – of an angry, jab-injured man confronting Rishi Sunak in a GBNews debate – went viral after it was broadcast on 12 February 2024:

Dr Mike Yeadon is one of many doctors and medical professionals who have been speaking out against the jabs but silenced by mainstream media:

Andrew Bridgen MP took the jab but suffered an adverse reaction which, combined with many of his constituents alerting him to the issue, led him to lead a debate on the dramatic increase in death rates since the jab rollout:


Many others would have given up in favour of a ‘quiet life’ a long time ago.  However, I am a mother of 5 sons who is deeply concerned about the Digital Totalitarian nightmare future which we are collectively sleepwalking into if we do not wake up to what is going on.  (That’s assuming we aren’t all dragged into WW3 first.)

It only takes one lone voice to pattern-interrupt the Mass Formation Psychosis created by the Advanced Behavioural Psychology techniques to which we have been subjected since 2020.   

  Truth has a Resonance ~ and it is Truth which will bring the Walls of Jericho down.

This brilliant monologue by Neil Oliver is well worth listening to.  One of the many now speaking out about the extent of what is unfolding globally…

If what I have said in this letter resonates with you, then please consider assisting me with my campaigns to pattern-interrupt the established political parties at all levels of government. Not only am I standing for election as Councillor for the Bakewell Ward I am also intending to stand for election at East Midlands Mayor in May 2024 as well as MP for Derbyshire Dales in the next General Election.  For more information please visit

As your Independent Councillor for the Bakewell Ward I promise to do everything in my power to bring you more joy, wealth, happiness and prosperity (not to mention lower Council Tax bills!) – as well as speak out loudly against any and all policies which have the potential to impinge upon your rights and freedoms.

Kind regards,


Rachel Elnaugh-LOVE







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All the facts and figures included in this letter are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and are fully referenced via the links above

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