LOVE Derbyshire Dales

We, the People of the United Kingdom, deserve so much better than what has been dished up to us by the Red&Blue Punch’n’Judy show Party-Politics of the past few decades…

First the Labour Party lead us into the economic collapse of 2008 – where we the People ended up having to bail-out all those bankers who got rich from so many years of freely-flowing credit.  Now, after 14 years of Conservative Party rule, the Rich are even richer – while 6.5million  people struggled to afford to heat their homes this Winter and 7% of the population are now living in food poverty.

While we the People were expected to obediently comply with all the COVID rules and regulations, our Government was hosting parties in Downing Street

Did YOU agree to support Israel in its massacre of innocent women and children in Palestine? And were you as outraged as I was to discover that the Government has just agreed to send a further £2,500,000,000 of OUR money in funding to Ukraine – on top of the £4,600,000,000 which has already been paid to them?

These are just some of the reasons why it is my intention to stand as an INDEPENDENT candidate to represent the People of Derbyshire Dales in the 2024 General Election.

To give you a choice for a VOICE unrestricted by allegiance to any Political-Party – and thus freely able to question how we are being Governed.


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