LOVE Derbyshire Dales


Are you sick and tired of Politics and Politicians?
I certainly am.

Rachel Elnaugh-LOVE ~ Award winning Entrepreneur and former BBCTV Dragons’ Den ‘Dragon’. Bakewell local for nearly 20 years. Mother to 5 amazing sons – all of whom were educated in Derbyshire Dales.

That is why I am standing as an INDEPENDENT candidate ~ to give YOU the choice of a representative in Parliament who can speak powerfully in the best interests of the PEOPLE of Derbyshire Dales, NOT Big Corporate agendas.

Here are just some of the National issues which you the PEOPLE of Derbyshire Dales have told me are most important to you…
Cost of Living Crisis

You may be old enough to remember the assurances which we were given to justify the privatisation of all our key national industries.  That everything would be far more efficient, as well as cheaper, under Big Corporate control.  Yet the price of everything from electricity to food to fuel to travel has skyrocketed in recent years.  Meanwhile, those same Big Corporations are delivering bumper profits for their shareholders.  I was in Portugal recently and a return train fare for a 2.5hour journey, bought on the day, was just 40EUROS !!! A whole breakfast for less than 5EUROS. We have to reclaim control of our key essential industries, and return them back to the PEOPLE.


Decimation of the NHS

What was once a nourishing and joyful National Health Service has now been taken over by management consultants, following Big Pharma protocols.  You only have to look at Pfizer’s £100,000,000,000 profits in 2022 to realise the extent to which Big Corporations are draining monies from the PEOPLE worldwide.  Yet, somehow, those same Big Pharma companies have been relieved of any liability for harms caused by their products.  We, the PEOPLE, are left footing the huge (and growing) bill for the burgeoning number of compensation claims resulting from the experimental, not-fully-tested, novel MRNA technology injections, rushed through in 2020.  What’s truly needed is a restoration of the vitality of the Nation ~ combined with embracing natural healing protocols.  A return of the heart into our NHS. 



Threat of WW3

Did YOU agree to support Israel in its massacre of innocent women and children in Palestine? And were you as outraged as I was to discover that earlier this year Rishi Sunak agreed to send a further £2,500,000,000 of OUR money in funding to Ukraine – on top of the £4,600,000,000 which has already been paid to them?  And now there is talk of military conscription for our children, advice to keep a stock of tinned food ‘in case of emergency’ and the very real prospect of becoming embroiled in WorldWar3 and the threat of nuclear war.  If anything, Keir Starmer is even more Authoritarian than Rishi Sunak.  Let’s cease our involvement in endless overseas conflicts and prioritise our resources on looking after the PEOPLE of the UK.




Here are just some of the Local issues which you the PEOPLE of Derbyshire Dales have told me are most important to you…

Supporting our Farmers to Thrive

Farming is one of the key sectors underpinning our area.  Yet our farmers are suffering from excessive DEFRA rules and regulations, combined with rising costs and lack of access to capital.

Here’s my interview with Derbyshire farmer Andrew Critchlow who explains some of the challenges farmers are facing:

As your INDEPENDENT MP for Derbyshire Dales I will be a powerful voice for radical transformation in all the ways we can value and support our farming community.  

No Farmers = No Food.

Cows at Litton ~ complete with DEFRA earrings

Embracing Tourism and Tourists

Around 5million visitors flood into Derbyshire Dales every year to reconnect with Nature.  Yet very little has been done to support the infrastructure required to manage such a huge annual influx of people.  Let’s fully embrace all our guests to the area!  Let’s find innovative ways to take cars off the road by restoring the railways to the region.  And let’s creatively manage the number of second and holiday homes (which are ripping the heart and soul out of many local communities) – while ensuring there is ample guest accommodation.  On Wednesday 5 June I interviewed Martyn Guiver who is Operations Director of the Peaks and Dales Line (MEMRAP) at the old Bakewell Railway Station about restoring the railways to Derbyshire…


The original Peak District railways ~ removed in 1968, following the Beeching Report, on the orders of Labour MP Barbara Castle when she was Minister for Transport

Restoring Heart and Soul to Derbyshire Dales

The draconian regime of Peak District National Park ‘Authority’ has unfortunately had the effect of turning the area into a Museum.  None of the great architectural wonders created by the Victorians (which are now listed buildings and conservation areas) would ever have been given permission had PDNPA existed at the time.  What’s needed is an innovative and visionary overhaul which both honours landowners’ Common Law rights and the natural environment, whilst also ensuring that local people can enjoy affordable housing.  People are PART of Nature!


As your INDEPENDENT MP I will host fortnightly public meetings so that we can debate all the key issues YOU are facing.  As a highly experienced public speaker I will then powerfully voice your concerns/needs in Parliament, whilst ensuring that at all times I act and vote in the best interests of the PEOPLE of Derbyshire Dales.

Your vote CAN make a difference! 

Imagine if everyone disillusioned with Politics and Politicians voted for an INDEPENDENT candidate in the General Election?
Together, we can make 4 July 2024 INDEPENDENT’S DAY !!!

VOTE Rachel Elnaugh-LOVE

To get in touch please email me: rachel [at]

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Promoted by: Rachel Elnaugh-LOVE, Riversley, Cunningham Place, Bakewell DE45 1DD

Meet me in person…

Here is where I will be in the run up to the General Election:

HUSTINGS – Thursday 20 June 7pm to 9pm Eyam Church S32 5QH

Bakewell Stand in the Park, Bath Gardens DE45 1BT,  Sunday 23 June 10am to 11.30am

HUSTINGS – Monday 24 June 7pm to 9pm St Mary’s Church, Wirksworth

HUSTINGS – Wednesday 26 June 7pm to 9pm All Saints Church, Bakewell

Bakewell Stand in the Park, Bath Gardens DE45 1BT,  Sunday 30 June 10am to 11.30am

HUSTINGS – Monday 1 July 7pm to 9pm Ashbourne Methodist Church, Church St, Ashbourne DE6 1AE

HUSTINGS – Tuesday 2 July 6:30pm Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale


Rachel’s previous Political videos…

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