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On Thursday 2 May 2024 you are being invited to cast your Vote on who should become the first Mayor of the newly created ‘East Midlands Combined County Authority’.

The first question to ask is:

“Why on earth do we need yet another layer of Government?”

The answer is that introducing a ‘Combined County Authority’ makes it far easier for World Economic Forum Agenda 2030 initiatives (like ULEZ and 15minute Cities) to be bulldozed through – without the irritating necessity of having to get all the Local Councillors in the East Midlands Region to agree. 

Did you know that ULEZ drained £224million from the pockets of the People in 2022?  Charges and penalties which are completely unlawful because we the People own the public highways and no ‘Authority’ has the right to stop us using them nor impose charges for using them.  Make no mistake, the alleged ‘Climate Emergency’ is big business, especially for the Big Corporations – who make £millions from the infrastructure installed to facilitate them.   

Now that Keir Starmer has openly declared his support for Davos and Big Corporations it is clear that both the Conservative and Labour Political Parties are both wings of the same (WEF aligned) Vampire. 

That’s why it is VITAL that we the People elect an INDEPENDENT Mayor – who will have the power to veto – to protect our interests.

As your Mayor for East Midlands I will do everything I can to ensure that the £38million funding per annum (a total of £1.14billion over 30 years) is spent with Local Independent Businesses to fund Local Community projects which enhance the lives of local people – and NOT offered up to Big Corporations to introduce even more digital surveillance and control schemes.

Let’s use this money to help restore the local industries which have been lost to China, India and other far-flung places.  Let’s revive a thriving local economy.  And let’s ensure that there is affordable housing available for ALL the people of East Midlands.


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