Lucky Prosperity Spiral

“I am opening a retreat centre, moving into a £1.5 million house, and have expanded my potential earnings by 1000%” – Jo De Rosa Inner Guidance Yoga and Retreat Centre

“I have such a warm feeling that being part of this group is having a profound effect on my self worth and my ability to receive! Watching the sun come up (!) this morning I sense a new or sleeping force deep inside me creaking into life. Thank you Spiral Tribe for being there – and my gratitude to you Rachel for birthing it and so lovingly holding its energy.” – Rosemary Innes, PhiHarmonics

Six months into the Lucky Prosperity Spiral and we have a core group of incredibly committed and high energy entrepreneurs, coaches and holistic professionals working in co-creative collaboration to create Prosperity for all members of the Spiral in 2013.

Our weekly sessions literally fizz with good news stories and offers of support and advice for members of the group.

The members’ secret Facebook Group is a wonderful source of support, feedback and news.

Why not join us as we Spiral upwards towards Prosperity during the remainder of 2013 ?

Some of the members of the Lucky Prosperity Spiral release Lucky 'Intention' Balloons at the Summer BBQ at my home on 7 July 2013
Some of the Lucky Prosperity Spiral members release Lucky ‘Intention’ Balloons at the Summer BBQ at my home

As a member you will enjoy:

  • My 100% commitment to your Prosperity for the remainder of 2013 within a group collaboration – running to Friday 13 December 2013
  • Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions via webinar hosted by me – where you can share your ideas, ambitions and solve one another’s dilemmas/dissolve blocks or  get my input on any dilemma you may be facing.  These sessions happen at 12noon and 6pm UK time Mondays and on Tuesdays at 9pm UK time at various times of the month giving you a variety of sessions to choose from.
  • Membership of the Lucky Prosperity Spiral Secret Facebook Group enabling you to contact and network with other members
  • Access to the Lucky Prosperity Spiral Vimeo channel together with recordings of the previous webinar sessions
  • Your Nine Star Ki prosperity cycle individual reading at the outset of your membership (so you know the energetic influences on you in 2013)
  • Your opportunity to influence content/structure/support depending on the group’s needs (each session you can offer your suggestions)
  • An End of Year Group Celebration/Christmas Lunch* in London on Friday 13 December 2013 from 12noon to 3pm
  • My personal commitment to supporting you in your transformation during the lifetime of the Lucky Prosperity Spiral


  • A 15 minute One-to-One intro session with me via Skype or webinar – so I can get to know you right away and give you some immediate insight and direction with your business and how to increase your flow of Prosperity 
  • FREE access to my Business Alchemy 28 day programme – worth £33

8 Memberships to the Lucky Prosperity Spiral including all of the above for the rest of 2013 have just been opened, each membership is available for a single payment of just £295.  

To join please use the PayPal button below:

I look forward to welcoming you into the Lucky Prosperity Spiral – we have so many amazing people already here as members, an incredible supportive collaborative energy and so much value waiting for you over here I just know you will love being part of it!

With best wishes,

Rachel Elnaugh








The Fine Print…

The success of the Lucky Prosperity Spiral depends on the engagement of every member, therefore I ask you to participate in at least one group session each month.  I reserve the right to vary session times according to changing needs and my other business commitments but there will always be four sessions a month.  All information you provide will remain confidential, although group statistics may be used in future promotional and marketing material.  As with all my programmes you make your own decisions on which advice is appropriate and relevant to your business and this may vary across all the resources available to you during the year.  You take 100% responsibility for your success in business and in life. 

*There will be a nominal charge for attendees of the 13 December event to cover catering costs.




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