10 Feng Shui Antidotes to Blocks To Flow

10 Feng Shui Antidotes to Blocks To Flow

When I visit you on site at your office/business or home it is very easy for me to see what is going on energetically – and thus exactly where there are blocks to your ‘flow’ of money and prosperity.

Here are my Top 10 ‘dead giveaways’ that there are subconscious patterns blocking your ‘flow’ – and the antidotes to them…

1) A blocked and/or broken pathway to your front door…  This could include dead plants, overflowing rubbish bins, a broken front gate or even crazy paving!

We are all ‘speaking’ all the time – with our body language, tone of voice, the way we look and dress – and our home is no different.  Broken and fragmented chi is a sign of damage to our energetic grid usually created through shock trauma (sudden incidents and accidents) or more usually Developmental Trauma when we were growing up – which is far more subtle.  [As Dr Gabor Mate says “It’s never too late to discover you had an unhappy childhood”!]  So the journey to your front door holds major clues which are almost like silent cries for help.  

The approach into your home is literally the ‘En-Trance’.  Instead of passing through this route in your functional, fast, everyday way set aside time to experience it as a long, mindful, slow shamanic journey, noticing every detail and how it is in some way reflecting your energy.  As you give each aspect focussed attention, thank any challenging details for their part in bringing this energy into your conscious awareness – and imagine how you’d like to transform any tricky areas.  Even if you are unable to make big changes immediately (for example, to replace broken or crazy paving with beautifully coloured, symmetrical tiles) let this process inspire you to at least research different possibilities and create a Vision Board to transmute this key expression of your energy field. 

2) A front door with no letterbox.  (I often find this with websites too – no clear PayPal buttons or other payment mechanisms to allow money to get through the ‘door’ to you)

This definitely speaks to an issue with RECEIVING and its usually rooted in ‘I don’t deserve’ or ‘I’m not worth it’.  Alternatively there could be a fear of opening to allow things in.  (Even if you live in a rented property its letterbox is still part of your manifestation!)  Tiny letterboxes with stiff flaps which are tricky to get anything through tell a similar story.  Such a small detail seems almost insignificant – until you meditate on it!  In the words of T. Harv Eker “How we do anything is how we do everything.”  Opening to receiving – saying YES to opportunities, invitations, gifts and offers – is the biggest single transformation to creating more ‘flow’ of money manifestation.

3) Dirt and grime.  Visit a milionaire’s home and it is always spotless!  (Which came first, the money or the cleaner?)

The simplest way to lift energy is to space clear – remove every item from a space (no matter how small), throughly clean the area – and objects (with soap and water) and then shamanically cleanse with sage smudge or space clearing incense (like kopal, frankincense, basilica incense or even Opoponax).  Put back only those items which you know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.  Also remember air needs to cleaned!  Every New Moon open every window in your house and let the wind blow through for an hour or two.

4) All things broken…  Handles which are missing or which fall off, damaged furniture, dead plants and flowers.

Broken energy is shattered energy and often goes hand in hand with ‘being broke’.  Lovingly repairing (or, if you can afford to, replacing) all things broken in your home is wonderfully healing – especially if you do it personally and consciously, rather than just hiring a handyman.

5) Clutter (obviously!)  But take careful note of where it is located and what this area represents – as this is a real tell-tale sign around what is calling for healing/transmuting.

Clutter is the biggest single challenge for most of us as it represents all those things of the past that we find ourselves unable to let go of.  Every item will have a connection to the time/place it was bought, an era of your life and/or to the person who gave it to you (or bequeathed it to you).  It may be something that caused you great suffering (if you had to take out finance to pay for it which later proved difficult to repay); there may be sadness or grief attached to it.  It may symbolise a time which you felt great guilt or shame around.  Clearing clutter without addressing all these issues is a missed opportunity – which is why clutter clearing is best done in a ceremonial way, like a shamanic journey, with you doing the process personally. And instead of ‘getting rid of’ anything ‘lovingly release it’.  

For difficult personal objects holding a lot of pain or heavy ‘hucha’ energy, consider creating a ceremony involving the alchemy of fire with the intention to transmute and heal this.

6) Missing or particularly cluttered South East sectors of house or garden – the ‘wealth’ area of rising energy & creativity

Of the 5 feng shui elements Water Wood Fire Earth and Metal – wood is the only element that grows, which is why it symbolises wealth and abundance.  Its area is the East and especially the South East.  The fastest growing plant is bamboo – which is why it is so symbolic of wealth in feng shui. Once bamboo has taken root it literally transforms water and sunshine into material realm manifestation within hours.  This is why Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of Prosperity) is depicted surrounded by fruits and flowers – as our true ‘gold’ is rooted in Gaia.  Reconnecting with this idea of abundance is the antidote to scarcity as, in reality, Mother Nature is showing us exponential abundance flowing in from Spring to Autumn every single year.  So, paying careful attention to what is going on in your South East area will give you an idea of where you are on the Scarcity/Prosperity spectrum.   Lovingly tending to this area – by bringing in plants, shrubs, flowers, apple trees, vegetable and herb gardens, as well as water features to bring in Life – will help you get in touch with abundance.  Noticing also over time how well your creations thrive!  As true success in any endeavour is made up of a thousand tiny actions over a sustained period of time.

7) A troubled North West sector – being the area of the Patriarch – as money is ‘Yang Masculine’.  Our relationship with ‘The Father’ is often key to our relationship with money.  If our Father beat us up as a child, money is now ‘beating us up’ as an adult.  If our Father abandoned us, so has money.  If we hate any aspect of the Patriarchy (e.g. money, Government, control) we will find ourselves repelling money too. All these dynamics can be healed/transmuted.

This is an area upon which I could write a whole book.  But suffice it to say, we are living through an era where the old Patriarchal structures are crumbling and we are establishing a new way of being in harmony with the planet.  We have all to some extent been subject to the deep subconscious mind programming of the Patriarchal Control System – so conscious awareness of what is playing out in our relationship with the ‘yang masculine’ energy is key to reinventing our relationship with money.  Women in particular have been drawn into utilising strong masculine energy to be ‘successful’ – with the result that many ‘power women’ are louder, scarier, harder and more ruthless than the men!

We are moving from centuries of Masonic Patriarchal Control systems which have used money as a weapon to control and seduce – so bringing conscious awareness to all those places where we have fear, anger, resentment, shame or guilt around money are key.  As we move towards the evolved ‘masculine’ of Christ Consciousness – in balance with the evolved feminine, reconnected to the abundance of Nature and honouring the Mother, our collective relationship with money will transform.

8) Where you can see through to the back of the house from the front door – especially if there is a ‘poison arrow’ of 3 or more doors in a row!  You will find that money goes out as fast as it comes in…

In a perfect feng shui setting, energy curves and meanders through space – like a river winding its way across the countryside.  Yet Masculine building techniques give us straight lines, corridors and frequently, as a result, energy which is moving too fast down rigid channels.  Whatever you can do to slow and curve the path of this sha ‘chi’ will help to slow and soften your energy and your relationship with money.  And whenever we slow down our relationship with anything we create more intimacy and deep understanding of it.  A simple and beautiful way to do this is with panels of fabric or a swagged curtain panel, or a large plant with rounded leaves in a large round bowl. 

9) A tiny and/or cluttered desk or workspace – which usually speaks to low self-esteem and ‘I don’t deserve’.

Gifting yourself a beautiful space to spend time to create, write, make, study, teach, meet clients – whatever you love pouring energy in to – is the most wonderful way to nurture your soul.  The lighter and higher your vibration in this space the more your will attract and manifest – so it is well worth devoting time, energy and resources to this key area.

10) Demonstrations of massive ‘over compensations’…  For example a house full of yellow would suggest to me that there is an underlying problem with depression.  A house full of Peace symbols and ostentatious displays of the word ‘LOVE’ would suggest to me that there are underlying issues around anger.  The ego finds all kinds of sneaky ways to project & deny that there is any ‘problem’!

Much as I love the teachings of Abraham-Hicks I fear that they have lead many in the wrong direction – attempting to keep in a ‘high vibration’ and thus making ‘wrong’ all those shadow parts of ourselves – which end up getting buried under so many layers of ‘Love and Light’.  Which is, in part, why the ‘monsters’ we are collectively manifesting on the Planet are getting so big and scary – as we are remain in denial of our own Shadow and instead project it ‘out there’.  

‘Fully Feeling is Fully Healing’ – so instead of trying to ‘get rid’ of tricky externals, far better to open to questioning how/why we manifested them…

When the teaching is landed the tricky externals usually magically & effortlessly disappear – and we don’t have to keep dealing with the same issue, dressed up in increasingly ugly, loud and painful disguises!  

This is why healing & transmutation of issues is so powerful.  But it begins with understanding that this is a benevolent Universe.  We have to transcend the overwhelming temptation to move into Judgement and realise that EVERYTHING manifesting in our awareness is a GIFT.


If you would like me to come and visit you in your home or your business/office I’m running a special introductory offer which includes travel to anywhere within 200 miles of my home in Bakewell, Derbyshire.  

I’ll prepare by looking at your floorpan as well as your website + astrology/feng shui astrology (which to me is a Treasure Map, full of clues) and then I’ll spend two to three hours with you, on site in a One to One session to understand you and what is going on in your life – as well as the Future Vision you would love to create.

During this process we usually bring conscious awareness to what is going on subconsciously, which can then be transmuted and released using trauma healing techniques.

Huge amounts of energy are released when these ‘blocks to flow’ are dissolved, and magic can very quickly start to flow again!

I’ll then follow up the session with a simple summary of recommendations.

Special Introductory Offer £888 – pay a deposit of £333 now to book and the balance before your session

To pay the deposit please use the PayPal button below and you’ll then be taken to a page with all the information to book a date for your session on a mutually convenient date over the coming weeks:


I look forward to being of service to you.


Rachel x

Rachel has a lifetime’s experience in business, growing up above her Father’s shop, training in accountancy and starting her first business Red Letter Days at the age of 24 – which she grew into a £multi-million turnover market-leading brand.  This lead to her winning various business awards, being invited to become a ‘Dragon’ in the first two series of BBCTV’s BAFTA nominated business surreality show ‘Dragons’ Den’ and becoming a prolific business speaker, published author and award winning business mentor.

Rachel deepened her growing awareness of metaphysics by training in feng shui with Grand Master Lillian Too in Kuala Lumpur in 2010 and more recently in feng shui and Ba Zi with Feng Shui Master Richard Ashworth.  Rachel continues to train in Trauma Awareness and Healing skills with Juliet Yelverton at Healing Waters Sanctuary, Glastonbury as well as world expert Dr Gabor Mate.  In addition Rachel has experienced deep shamanic journeying processes with the shamans in Peru, assisted by various plant-based medicines including Ayahuasca.


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