Do You Smell a Rat? ~ Proposed Speech Transcript

I am speaking here today

Not as someone who has been on the telly

But as a Mother of 5 sons

And because I care deeply about the future being created for ALL the world’s children


We may not know the exact detail

But our intuition tells us there is something very wrong

Trust in your gut feeling

Tune in to when things feel out of resonance

Know in your heart that they are LYING TO YOU!


Ask yourself why we have a World HEALTH Organisation whose only solution is vaccinations!?!

Could it be because they are funded by Big Pharma?

Ask yourself why the Government is rushing through unlicensed vaccinations and is removing all legal liability from those who are manufacturing and administering them…



The day they discovered how to use PsyOps to win elections

How to manipulate the masses via triggering the fight/flight response

Is the day Democracy died


Those now in power worldwide are the ones who were most prepared to cheat to win

And they are the ones backed by the 1% who control 90% of the world’s wealth


The 1% know what is coming

They have seen the people protesting all over the world

They want to protect the wealth they have accumulated


They know what happened in the French Revolution

That when there is a great chasm between rich and poor

Eventually there will be a mass uprising


Covid is the first stage in a much bigger plan of mass command and control.

The aim is to create so much FEAR that the masses will say YES to vaccinations

And these vaccinations will contain the nanotechnology to create trans-humans

So that the masses can be policed and controlled by technology


This is why 5G is being rolled out globally

To power the Internet of Things


We may be at the 11th hour

But it is not midnight yet.

There is still time

But we must act FAST

And we must act NOW


We need to derail this Juggernaut before it is too late

We need to create the biggest pattern-interupt in History

We need to stand up en masse and say NO




Say NO to being muzzled by masks

Say YES to breathing fresh air

Say NO to anti-social distancing

Say YES to love and hugs

Say NO to vaccinations

Say YES to enhancing our natural immune systems

Say NO to being policed by facial recognition and drones

Say Yes to our inalienable sovereign rights

Say NO to command and control Government



Those obedient and compliant people who are under the Spell of the Govern-Ment Mind-Control programmes tell us that we are being selfish not to comply.  That we should mask up to ‘save lives’ to protect the elderly and the vulnerable, to help relieve the burden on the NHS.


I say do not fall for the ‘Divide and Conquer’ strategy – conveyed by catchy mantras – designed to turn us against one another, designed to engender Judgement and Shame!


One day, when the Truth is revealed, those currently sleepwalking into the future the 1% is planning will thank us for making this stand.


They will thank us for saying NOT ON OUR WATCH


I have a Vision of a world run NOT LIKE A BUSINESS – where only the strongest and cleverest and those most willing to lie, cheat and abuse their power win all the goodies.


I have a Vision of a world RUN LIKE A FAMILY – where everyone gets looked after.  Where we care for everyone’s health by ensuring everyone has clean water and nourishing food.  Where we can all sleep safe at night, free of fear and worry.


I have a Vision of a world run from the Heart where the main currency is LOVE.


A world where we will even come to feel compassion for the ones behind this.  The ones infected by a different kind of virus ~ the WETIKO virus.  The lost and frightened little boys who grew into the SOCIOPATHIC men behind all this.


[And YES they are MEN !!!!]


Do not buy into the concept of Scarcity.


Scarcity was deliberately created to enable Capitalism to thrive.


This is an abundant planet.


Let’s organise things differently, in harmony with Gaia, let’s harness the power of the Wind, the Waves and the Sun, let’s ensure everyone gets their fair share.


The sinister Agenda – pre-planned, hidden in plain sight, and now being rolled out, is actually a great gift.


Because it has unleashed a great Awakening of Consciousness across this planet.


When this metamorphosis is complete, rest assured that the Old Order will fall away – like a discarded cocoon.


This is our Great Initiation


It’s Time to Stand Strong in the Face of Fear


It’s Time To Speak our Words of Truth so clearly that the Walls of Jericho come crashing down.


It’s Time to Shine our Light into the Darkness and seal the door to where Evil dwells .


People it is TIME!


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om


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