Watching Dominic Cummings explain, with all the clinical coldness of an expert on torture explaining which techniques create most pain, how PsyOps was used to win the 2016 referendum, it fully landed with me yesterday how all this ‘Brexit drama’ is just a political chess-piece move in a much larger, darker and more devious game.

The clue was in one of the opening lines of his YouTube talk… ‘a number of wealthy individuals approached me’.

So we all (hopefully) know by now a few background facts…

New EU rules will create disclosure of offshore wealth to crack down on tax avoidance. Millions were made (by the same ‘wealthy individuals’ that bankrolled Leave) by shorting the market. Civil unrest is popping up in countries across the world – Hong Kong, Barcelona, Chile – not to mention a week of protests in London, where even peaceful climate change protestors were cleared away like unwanted vermin.

How about creating a super-safe tax haven,  surrounded by water, not too threatened by global warming, with its own rules, and subject to no outside rules or scrutiny?

A country where the 1% who have grabbed 90% of the global wealth can safely flee – as their home countries descend into chaos? (Or are ripped apart by the increasing extremes of weather.)

These ‘10,000 extra Police’ are not required for your safety Madam. They are being recruited to CONTROL you.

We know from Dominic Cummings self-professed PsyOps techniques how easy the electorate is to dupe – like sheep being herded exactly in the direction you want them.

– Caste the EU & Parliament (& immigrants, & terrorists) as ‘the enemy’.

– Boil a very complex issue into a bite sized marketing canapé that is super easy to swallow (Get Brexit Done).

– Cast every MP who questions that process as a traitor of the People.

– Paint your beleaguered, powerless, duplicitous, lying leader as ‘Prime Minister of the People’.

– Invoke a ‘Dunkirk Spirit’

– Get your rich tabloid media backers to relentlessly print propaganda day after day.

– Continually manipulate social media

Be very aware folks, this is a deliberate and ruthless plan for an increasingly right-wing group of wealthy people to gain power.

And once they have got hold of it they won’t be losing it again in a hurry.


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