One to One Mentoring Special Offer

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If you are struggling with your finances and need someone to speak to – in absolute confidence – about what is going on for you then I’ve created this special ultra low cost one-to-one mentoring offer as a lifeline to give you both the support you need, as well as practical advice on how to transform your situation.

I know from my own experience of going through business and financial meltdown that it’s a difficult and lonely time and that most friends and family simply cannot understand the emotions and worry involved.  

If that sounds like you then I’m here to help…

It’s a 60 to 90 minute one to one online session which I host via Zoom technology (we can do audio only if you prefer not to come on the call via video).  I can also record the call if you wish.  I’m flexible on timing and can normally offer you a session within a week of you booking.  

Please be assured that absolute discretion is assured and everything we discuss during your session is in complete confidence.

SPECIAL OFFER One to One Mentoring Session (normally £250) just £88

Please note these special offer low cost one-to-one sessions are ONLY available if you are in financial distress and unable to afford the full rate.