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Based on your answers you profile as a…Passionpreneur

Congratulations! Passionpreneurs have the level of energy and ambition which gives them a great chance of creating a great success with their business.

Passionpreneurs create businesses based on giving great products, services or unforgettable experiences.  These businesses can often be an extension of their favourite hobby or an interest which has become all-consuming.

Because Passionpreneurs have a natural energy for what they do, they run their businesses with great enthusiasm and integrity, and innately understand their customers’ needs.  Although their businesses are not driven by money, Passionpreneurs can often find that great success flows naturally from doing what they love – provided they have got the business model right.

Natural marketeers, Passionpreneurs are great at creating brands with charm and personality which are often a reflection on the founder itself.  They do not tend to follow established corporate rules and are often trailblazers within their chosen industry.

Because Passionpreneur businesses are so dependent on their founder as the energy source, the brands can often die when City types decide to capitalise on the business and drive it purely for profit – great examples of Passionpreneur brands which have lost their founder’s influence (and their magic) include Laura Ashley, Body Shop and Easyjet.

Because Passionpreneurs have great natural energy and enthusiasm they are able to work tirelessly on their business and never give up in the face of adversity or set-backs.  They attract great people and opportunities in the most synchronistic way because they operate from pure ‘heart’ motives – rather than through greed for profit.

Passionpreneurs are often recognised as the expert or guru in their field and often become powerful catalysts for positive change within their sector.  They are not afraid to confront received wisdom and question what has gone before and this fearless ability to ‘dare to be different’ is one of their most powerful natural weapons.

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