Thank you for taking my entrepreneurial test.

Based on your answers you profile as an…Ultrapreneur

Ultrapreneurs are the cream of the business crop.  They are usually Alphapreneurs or Passionpreneurs who have developed into Ultrapreneurs by using their growing success and power to attain amazing business heights.

They are typically highly visionary, big thinkers who have gone beyond personal ego and money drivers to create positive change in the world.  They recognise their responsibility and position in society to use their power and wealth to positive ends, often becoming philanthropists in the process.

Highly driven, the Ultrapreneur does not recognise ‘9 to 5’ and is usually switched on to their business 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  This may take a toll on their family life and relationships – but their business is their passion and can become all-consuming.

They are supremely focussed and are good at utilising all available resources to drive projects through quickly and efficiently.  They do not waste energy on anything that is not aligned to their goals or small insignificant projects and as a result can be extremely single minded.

Ultrapreneurs move in extremely high circles; these are the people who are likely to attract business awards, accolades and knighthoods for their achievements and be involved in government initiatives for positive change in the world.

If you are just starting out in business and have achieved an Ultrapreneur rating, then you have scored the maximum in terms of both Zeta and Alpha ratings, demonstrating that you have both the vision and ambition to be highly successful in business.

You need to harness your huge reserves of natural energy and focus these on a business which you are passionate about to give you the highest possible chances of success.

For more information on how the test is compiled, please have a look at How_The_Test_Works

If you have any feedback on your result please do write and let me know at rachel.elnaugh@rachelelnaugh.com

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