KEVIN ROSE“When Rachel suggested that I put my personal brand at the heart of my business I was hesitant. Up to that point I had thought I needed to present a professional ‘big corporate image’ to my clients, plus I didn’t want to come across as an egotist. But the transformation was incredible! New clients started to flood in, and as a result of the personal programmes I started delivering I was able to buy my dream car last year. Rachel also encouraged me to face my fear of public speaking; as a result of getting ‘on the circuit’ I’ve been asked to speak at numerous conferences. From nowhere, I’ve just been voted the 22nd most influential person in Dentistry in the UK. I can honestly say that Rachel’s input has transformed my life.”

Kevin Rose – Dental Leadership and Business Development Mentor www.kevinrose.co.uk

Since I starred in Dragons’ Den in 2005 I’ve been invited to help many entrepreneurs on their business journey, and as a result I’ve learned a huge amount about the dynamics of what distinguishes a successful entrepreneur from one who will struggle and ultimately fail. In particular, the mindset needed to create success.  That knowledge, combined with the desire to help Thought Leaders and Transformational Teachers creating knowledge-based empowerment products, whose business is based on their personal brand, directly lead to the inspiration to create my new business SourceTV in 2013.  SourceTV is now my main focus and the channel through which I am offering most of my one to one mentoring and workshops going forward.


Firstly, for an incredibly inexpensive way to transform your financial fortunes – even if you are completely broke – why not opt for Business Alchemy – my most successful online mentoring product ever?  I created Business Alchemy specifically to help people who needed immediate assistance – but where cashflow was a real struggle.

BUSINESS ALCHEMY 2014 PROMO from Rachel Elnaugh on Vimeo.

Business Alchemy combines the best parts of my marketing advice together with the metaphysical principles of success and 90% of those surveyed reported an improvement in their prosperity within 28 days of STARTING the course – and many reported magic happening within a week! The videos are delivered over a period of 28 days. You can watch the videos at your leisure and re-visit them as many times as you wish. Your programme will be activated automatically on the hour of you ordering.

Your investment in the new 2014 version of Business Alchemy is at the special offer price of just £14  – and you can order it now using the PayPal button below:

If however you would like a more in-depth one-to-one guidance session with me, here are two options:

During the Summer of 2014 I am offering just 8 low cost One-to-One Business Mentoring sessions designed to really help you step-change your thinking around your business.  These sessions are particularly ideal if you are in the start-up phase and struggling to make things work.

I tend to work at a very intuitive level and can usually get to the problem with your business and why you are blocked by listening to you talk about your business and the problems you are experiencing.  Sometimes when you are putting huge amounts of effort into trying to push open the door all you need to do is turn the key and, once unlocked, the door opens effortlessly.  It’s all about finding where your foot is on the brake.

These sessions last around an hour (but to be honest we tend to go on for as long as is needed to get you to a breakthrough).  These sessions are only available during the Summer of 2014, so you must book your session for a time between now and 31 August 2014.

Your investment in acquiring my 25+ years’ business wisdom is just £250 + VAT.

To book a session please use the PayPal button below:

I also offer more in-depth Business Review and One to One sessions – designed for more established businesses, either if you are on the trajectory of growth and would like the input of someone who took their business from nothing to a £18million turnover market leading brand, or conversely if you are experiencing major issues and would like the experience of someone who has been through the meltdown of a £multi-million company.

I am happy to review your website and/or business plan or whatever other collateral you need me to review in advance of our session, listen to your current position and the issues you are facing and then give you my wisdom – based on my own entrepreneurial journey as well as helping many hundreds of others on their path to success.

A great mentor of my own once said to me ‘they’re paying for your wisdom, not your time Rachel’ so our session will take as long as it takes, but in my experience will typically last around 90 minutes. I normally conduct these one to one sessions by webinar but if you are happy to visit me in Bakewell or meet in London I am happy to do the meeting face to face.

The outcome for you will be absolute clarity around your strategy and direction going forwards.

Your investment in a Business Strategy Review and One to One Mentoring Session is £750 + VAT.  

To book please use the PayPal button below:

I do hope that I can help you on your business journey!

Rachel xxo
Rachel CropRachel Elnaugh, award winning entrepreneur, co-creator of global empowerment brand SourceTV, creator of market leading experiences brand Red Letter Days, co-producer of the acclaimed 12.12.12 One World London event, star of the first two series of BBCTV’s Dragons’ Den, business speaker, author of ‘Business Nightmares’ and award winning business mentor.

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