The Game of Business and How To Play It

If you are in business and everything feels like a struggle then maybe it’s time to stop swimming and press the pause button?

Over a decade’s experience as a Business Mentor, speaking at events, hosting seminars and workshops, receiving reader’s responses to my books, creating online programmes and delivering one-to-one sessions, has shown me that the vast majority of people in business (despite the brave face they may present to the world) are in fact battling against numerous external challenges.  

The fake it until you make it mantra that we have been fed by the ‘mind coaches’ is not a helpful one, as it creates an ego resistance, which prevents us from showing our vulnerability and asking for help.

This is why the failure rate of businesses in the UK is so high.

And this is what has inspired me to create this super-simple six video programme The Game of Business and How To Play It, to transform the way you see business and to radically alter your experience of it.  

It’s the key teachings learned from my own personal journey of transformation and discovery as both an entrepreneur and a business mentor.

I believe these teachings can assist EVERY person who ventures into the labyrinth of business to find their way out into the experience of true ‘success’.

Your investment in ‘The Game of Business and How To Play It’ is just £9 and you can access the programme using the special automated PayPal button below.   

You’ll receive your first instalment upon subscribing (and via email within the hour – check your spam folder just in case it goes astray) and the remaining 5 instalments will follow via email at the same time each day over 5 days – giving you time to integrate the teachings.  You can watch the videos over and over again at your leisure. 

I look forward to being of assistance to you on your entrepreneurial journey.


Rachel x


Former BBCTV Dragons’ Den ‘Dragon’, Rachel Elnaugh is the British entrepreneur who created the £multi-million market leading ‘Red Letter Days’ experience brand.  She is now a business speaker, published author and award winning business mentor and is CEO of the digital publishing and marketing platform for evolutionaries


“The inspiration for this online video programme was via the first ‘spiritual’ book I ever purchased – way back in the 1990’s at a Mind Body Spirit Festival at Alexandra Palace, London.  ‘The Game of Life and How To Play It’ was written in 1925 by Florence Scovel Shinn and is a metaphysical classic.  

I read it many times over the years, but did not truly ‘land’ the teachings until after I had gone deep with plant medicine work.  The book made its reappearance on my 2018 sacred pilgrimage to Egypt – and inspired me to create this contemporary twist on the essence of its teachings -specifically to lead small business owners out of the labyrinth of pain and suffering.” – Rachel Elnaugh, Spring Equinox 2019