The Lakshmi Mandala



If you are committed to energising a project or business devoted to creating more beauty, transformation and abundance in the world then please read on… 

You are invited to become one of a mandala of heart-centred souls, coming together (under my direction and guidance) for 9 months during 2024  ~ a ‘Dragon’ year where there is supreme potential for radical, magical transformation to birth through ~ as we co-create the New Golden Era.

This will be a programme devoted to embodying the essence of the goddess Lakshmi (pronounced Luck-shmi) in the 3D time/space ‘reality’… Super abundance arriving effortlessly, in the form of attracting all the resources, inspiration and people to support you in making your Vision manifest ~ along with radiant well-being as a result of being wholly attuned to your soul purpose, flowing in harmony with Nature and aligned to the power which creates everything from flowers to vast constellations of stars.

Utilising our combined Visioning power to manifest spectacular 3D realm results.

Every month we will focus on a different theme, designed to liberate ourselves from the False Matrix of lack and limitation in every area, and these themes will be created based on the dynamics presenting within the group.

A Mandala comprising a maximum of just 13 souls (including myself)

Mandala by Stephen Meakin


You are a heart-centred Being of Light, already on the path of inner healing and fully awakening to your Life Purpose.  

You wish to place your unique gifts at the core of everything you do and co-create so much magnificence in the world.  You are ready to open to the flow and allow in super-abundance in all its forms. 

At times you feel overwhelmed by the heaviness of the old System and the burdens it piles upon us.  You long for a different way of Being on the planet which is filled with effortless grace and ease. You are ready to liberate yourself from all unhelpful patterns and belief systems and fully align to your destiny in this lifetime.  You are ready to wholeheartedly embrace Nature and all her gifts. You are open to healing. You are prepared to stay the path and do the ‘work’.

You love the idea of being held in the judgment-free safe space of a Mandala of like-hearted souls where every voice is heard, committed to supporting one another and flourishing together in 2024, as well as creating friendships which will last a lifetime.

You honour others’ privacy and promise to keep everything shared by participants during the programme confidential (unless you have their express permission to share beyond the group). 


As I enter my 60th year in 2024 (which is the year of ‘Mastery’ and Wisdom according to Eastern metaphysical philosophy) I feel blessed to be able to share with you all my rich experience, encompassing the highs and lows of creating a £multi-million turnover market leading brand (during the time I was very much anchored into 3D time/space ‘reality’) through to training with some of the most spiritually evolved souls on the planet over the past 20 years.  

Through my desire to assist others on their life journey (which ultimately lead to the realisation that I was creating it ALL) I have devoted many years to understanding the dynamics of trauma ~ including training with Dr Gabor Mate ~ as well as having gone deep with my own journey of healing and enlightenment via working with the Shamans in Peru (and elsewhere) experiencing the Master (Mystery?) Plant Teachers including Ayahuasca and San Pedro.  

In 2010 I flew out to Kuala Lumpur to undertake a professional training course in Feng Shui with Grand Master Lillian Too, later deepening my appreciation of Chinese metaphysical wisdom through detailed exploration of Feng Shui, BaZi and I Ching with Master Richard Ashworth.  

I have also enjoyed a lifelong passion for astrology ever since reading Linda Goodman’s ‘Sun Signs’ as a young girl back in the 1970’s ~ which has included training with Kaypacha.  

My spiritual ‘homecoming’ to Egypt with Gina Baksa in 2019 was one of the highlights of my life.  

Over the past few months my life-force energy has been utterly and unexpectedly  transformed by committing to the ’88 Activate’ School of Paradise programme led by Joel and Aiste Gazdar (creators of London’s ‘Wild Food Cafe’)

I remain dedicated to co-creating Heaven on Earth in every area of 3D life ~ especially in business and politics.

Equally, it is my intention to weave in all the talents, gifts and expertise of every participant within our mandala during our nine months together so that we may fully embrace the magic of the co-creative impulse now transcending the old, egoic ‘Lone Wolf’ energy.


As Master (Mystery?) Manifesters we will be taking 100% responsibility for everything which shows up during our adventure together.  As a Shadow Worker I know that I have the ability to create the conditions which will bring into conscious awareness everything presenting as out of alignment and blocking the natural flow.  I commit to creating the ‘Safe Space’ in which we can journey deeply to the root of any problems and challenges that arise.  Your only commitment is to transcend the ‘flight’ response (which can so often kick in during intense programmes) and to show up wholeheartedly for the entire 9 months, keeping an open mind and heart so that you are able to transcend blame and judgement and fully receive whatever teachings and healings unfold for us ~ no matter how painful or uncomfortable that becomes.  Let’s fully allow ourselves to be empowered by everything!

So many deep friendships have been formed via the previous programmes I have run and this is because everything I do is designed to go beyond the superficial chit-chat of modern day interaction and dive deeper, so that we can truly embrace our essence as Spiritual Beings and open our hearts to fully love one another without judgement.  (People whom we dislike are usually manifestations of an aspect of our shadow self ~ and frequently represent ‘old’ versions of ourselves which we still feel shame around.)


For me, Lakshmi energy is the abundance of every gift of Nature ~ from the Natural Living Waters which bubble up from deep within the Earth through the gifts of every delicious plant that grows, to the golden metals and crystals which lie at Pachamama’s core.  

In a deep shamanic journey during a recent retreat in Spain I experienced the presence of Lakshmi as a grid of rosy golden chi formed in perfect sacred geometry and flowing effortlessly and abundantly as I became completely at One with Nature…

She is Mother Earth, The Empress, Shakti, Gaia, Sofia, our true Queen.

Giver of all Life.

Despite the inclusion of ‘Lakshmi’ in the programme name, this will be an inter-faith experience, embracing every facet of the Divine.


Those of you who follow me will know how passionate I am about avoiding the ‘Digital Everything’ trap and therefore it is my intention to make this programme as ‘in person’ as possible (although we will also have online meetings via Zoom and a Telegram group via which to communicate).  You will also know that I strive to live my life fully by Common Law principles and therefore all our meetings will run regardless of any dictats which may be imposed by the ‘Authorities’.  

Provided we are causing no harm, injury or loss to our fellow man and woman we have the right to meet whenever and wherever we choose!

The meeting place for the opening & Summer gatherings will be at my home in Bakewell, Derbyshire and the two day ceremonies will be held at a beautiful Retreat Centre in Wales owned by one of the participants who has offered it for our use.  

We will spend as much time in Nature together as we possibly can.  The area local to me is abundant with fertile open spaces, lush woodlands, pristine waterways and ancient sacred Stone Circles.


During December 2023/January 2024 I will arrange One to One sessions with every member of the Mandala to enable me to tune into the energy of the group which has manifested.  

The programme will then commence shortly after Imbolc on the Chinese New Year of the Dragon on Saturday 10 February 2024 (in the energy of the New Moon in Aquarius).

The programme will close around 9 months later, at Diwali ~ the festival in celebration of Lakshmi.


  • An in-person 2 to 3 hour One to One session where I can tune into you, your project/business, your highest Vision for your life and your astrology including Solar return chart for 2024 and Nine Star Ki (Feng Shui astrology).  I prefer to visit your home for this initial meeting so that I can also assess the Feng Shui of your immediate environment.

  • If you have not already received one, a signed and numbered Limited Edition of my new book LIBERATION (published November 2023) and accompanying video series (to be released by the end of 2023) ~ as these materials will form essential preparation for the programme. 

  • An introductory one day gathering on Saturday 10 February 2024 for our Mandala to get to know one another.

  • A two day deep shamanic healing retreat early on in the programme where I will bring my eldest son MJ in to host the ceremony and music, where we will be journeying with heart-opening Cacao plant medicine ~ late afternoon Friday 22 March to early afternoon Sunday 24 March 2024 (Spring Equinox)

  • A late summer garden party (to which you are welcome to bring your partner and children if you wish) ~ date to be agreed

  • A second two day deep shamanic healing retreat, once again with MJ hosting the ceremony and music, journeying with Cacao as the finale to the programme ~ late afternoon Thursday 31 October to early afternoon Saturday 2 November 2024 (Samhain + Diwali + New Moon)

  • 30 online meetings via Zoom on most Tuesdays throughout the 9 months from 1pm to 2pm UK time ~ a full schedule will be provided 

  • 90 further minutes of One to One mentoring ~ which can be taken in 30 minute segments at any time during the programme, when you feel the need for extra support

  • A Telegram support group to facilitate communication between meetings which will remain open indefinitely, so that everyone can stay in contact long after the programme has officially ended.

  • Any practical support or advice I can give you, including introductions to contacts etc.

  • An invitation to my 60th birthday celebration event on 12/12/24 (which may well be in Westminster!)


Feng Shui Master Richard Ashworth’s teaching is that the monetary value we place on anything should be sufficient both for the giver of the monies to feel some ‘pain’ as well as for the receiver of the monies to feel fully honoured.

Having contemplated the issue of price/value at some length, I am open to receiving the conscious contribution you feel appropriate ~ to reflect the value of all elements including my absolute and sustained focus of energy on assisting you make manifest your intention/s throughout the 9 months, as well as all gatherings, retreats, accommodation* including high vibration nutritious food + refreshments throughout.

* We normally journey through the night and sleep on floor mattresses together in the ceremony room

I ask you to offer a sufficiently significant contribution to ensure that every participant is fully committed via this investment in their future life trajectory.  (I am happy to consider a lower offering if you are a friend, an existing client or have participated in one of my previous programmes.)  

The enthusiasm and devotion of all members of the Mandala is more important to me than numbers and the programme will run so long as there are at least 6 participants.  

If you are feeling the strong expansion of a YES from your heart but your mind is saying “I can’t afford it” then this is a perfect opportunity to notice the contrast ~ and the contraction in flow which unhelpful ‘spellings’ create.

Every life-changing opportunity and invitation to embark on spiritual adventures has arrived for me at a time when I didn’t have the immediate resources to fund it.  When you take the leap of faith the monies always magically show up!


If I have not already worked with you, it will be helpful for me to have a link to your website (or online channels) to get a sense for you and your energy ~ along with your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth + mobile number in case I have any questions.  

Happy memories of the last Mandala I created back in 2020.  Here we are at the end of our 9 month journey celebration, gathered together with everyone’s children, sharing Cacao in the Tipi

FLASHBACK TO 2013 ~ Some of the members of one of my earlier Mentoring programmes the ‘Lucky Prosperity Spiral’ at the Summer BBQ at my home 


I highly recommend that you consult your favourite form of divination (my personal favourite is the I Ching) with the question “What if I join the Lakshmi Mandala?”

This will give you an idea which way the Cosmic Wind is blowing and whether this opportunity is right for you.

You may wish to prepare for this divination by chanting the Lakshmi Mantra 108 times:

Om Shreem Maha Lakshmi Yei Namaha


If, after paying the deposit to confirm your place, you decide not to proceed with the programme for whatever reason your deposit will be refunded provided I am able to fill your place ~ so please give me as much notice of cancellation as possible. Once the programme has commenced your place in the mandala remains open no matter what arises.  I am committed to holding the space for all participants throughout. Although I am planning to stay in Bakewell for the foreseeable future I do reserve the right to alter the location of all the events if this proves necessary.  The One to One visits to your home cover expenses of UK mainland travel only.  I am happy to fly out to you if you meet my travel costs and provide accommodation!