Visionary Entrepreneurs





Entrepreneurs are wired differently to the ‘normal’ person.  Entrepreneurs see glimmering possibility where others only see lack and limitation.  Entrepreneurs are prepared to risk going 180 degrees in the opposite direction of accepted norms ~ even when ridiculed and doubted.  Entrepreneurs are marathon runners, able to keep going no matter how tough the going gets, long after others have lost interest and given up when results are not immediate.

And frequently entrepreneurs are lone wolves ~ surrounded by ‘Yes’ people, who look up to them for direction and motivation. 

Looking back at my years running the £multi-million turnover, market leading brand Red Letter Days I can’t help wondering whether things would have turned out very differently if, back then, I had access to the wisdom which I possess now.  

Despite all the huge profits and business awards in the harvest years (and later, Dragons’ Den fame), in truth I was like a circus performer, frantically spinning plates, convinced that if I stopped, everything would come crashing to the ground.

Remembering that jam-packed diary and all those days spent rushing from meeting to meeting.  Oh how I wish that, back then, someone had taught me the supreme power of spaciousness and stillness!

Relentlessly driven ~ without any conscious realisation of the unresolved childhood trauma which was fuelling the engine of my ambitions.

And, as the pilot of a jumbo jet full of passengers dependent upon me for their survival, facing my first controlled-crash-landing, wondering whether (if I’d had an experienced co-pilot alongside me, who would have detected the warning signs early on) we could have averted disaster completely.

The truth about the entrepreneurial rollercoaster ride is that there are challenges at EVERY stage of the business (it’s just that most people don’t talk about them!)  Those relentless early years of desperately attempting to get things off the ground; coping with all that sudden growth when the business starts to take off; challenges dealing with staff and clients and suppliers and managers and co-directors ~ including the inevitable array of ‘difficult’ people!  Juggling finances and cashflow, while simultaneously driving marketing and sales, plus the inevitable pressures on family and domestic relationships.  

And (it has to be mentioned) frequently turning to alcohol or other substances as salves just to get through the intensity of the whole experience.


If what I have said resonates then please read on…

Following the success of the Lakshmi Mandala, launched earlier this year, I am inspired to create a similar circle dedicated to Visionary Entrepreneurs – which combines practical support for entrepreneurs at the helm of high growth businesses, along with the kind of deep wisdom and spiritual guidance which can make all the difference.  

A small group of business creators/owners (a maximum of 10 people) on a trajectory of greatness, whose motivation is far greater than material realm rewards alone.  

Under my direction and guidance, we will support one another over a period of 9 months, from September 2024 to June 2025.

I will also act as your business confidante and mentor, offering unlimited guidance and support, in person, by mobile/text and via email including an initial in-depth One to One session in both your office/workplace and your home during the Summer of 2024, to enable me to get to know you and your business, and what you wish to manifest going forward.



The group is strictly limited to:

  • Business owners/creators with a turnover of £1million+ (or on that trajectory)

  • Businesses rooted in ethical products/services and/or values (or wishing to transform in that direction)

  • Businesses based in mainland UK

  • Businesses with a Vision for greatness and the ambition to create a positive impact on the world

You will be:

  • Open to guidance and support

  • Willing to take 100% responsibility for everything manifesting in your life

  • Either already on, or open to, the path of spiritual transformation

  • Willing to participate and play full out, not just for your own benefit, but for the collective benefit of all involved

  • In a positive cashflow position to enable you to make an investment in your future growth trajectory

  • Committed to keeping confidential everything within the group, including the identities of the participants (unless otherwise agreed, by express consent)  

  • Prepared to commit to the entire 9 month journey, no matter what comes up during our time together

What’s included:

  • An initial One to One session in both your office/workplace and home to get to know you and your business and what you wish to manifest going forward.  (Rachel will devote an entire day to you to ensure that there is plenty of time for this process.)

  • An initial group gathering at Rachel’s home in September 2024 ~ date to be agreed to ensure everyone can attend

  • An initial three day/two night transformational retreat in Autumn 2024 (dates to be agreed) ~ to journey deeply together as a group.  At a luxury private location in England. 

  • Monthly in-person gatherings from 6.30pm to 9pm at Rachel’s home (on a weekday, to be agreed) plus an online support group

  • A final three day/two night transformational retreat in June 2025 (dates to be agreed) to complete and celebrate our journey together.  At a luxury private location in England. 

  • Unlimited confidential mentoring and support ~ either in person, via mobile/text or by email, as and when you need advice/support, or when challenges arise




If you would like to secure one of the places on Rachel’s Visionary Entrepreneurs circle then please email rachel [at] with VISIONARY in the email subject title, with a short summary of where you are currently at, your Vision for the future, and including the details of your business + your mobile number.