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A 7 video programme designed to transform your voice into your greatest asset

When you walk into a room for a meeting or stand up to make a speech, others will inevitably judge you. Very often this is a subconscious act but we humans are definitely judgemental. We register how you look, move and speak. Above all, we judge the way you speak.

Because you’ve heard your own voice inside your head since infancy it sounds all right to you. However, you may have absolutely no idea how this voice of yours sounds to other people. There are a number of common speech traps that the average person falls into and they are, speaking too fast, speaking too quietly, not opening the mouth enough to let the words out, not taking enough breath in to support a pleasant and charismatic voice, dropping off at the end of a sentence and displaying a slight but off putting speech defect (most of which are easily cured). All these speech traps and more are dealt with in ‘7 Ways to Turn Your Voice into Your Greatest Asset’.

So why not start right now to build the powerful and persuasive voice you deserve?  

You’ll receive all 7 videos via email in one instalment within an hour of placing your order. The videos can be watched over and over again at your leisure.

You’ll discover:
– The Way Your Voice Works
– The Way to Articulate
– The Way to Develop Your True Voice
– The Way to Sing Your Way to a Great Voice
– The Way to Mesmerise your Audience with Tune, Tone and Rhythm
– The Way to handle Common Speech Defects
– The Way to deliver a great speech, pitch or presentation

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About Valentine Palmer – Voice and Presentation Coach

The voice has featured heavily in all of Valentine’s work since his teenage appearances on the concert platform. He trained at both the Royal Academy of Drama (RADA) and London’s Guildhall School of Music and appeared in a number of West End musicals, including leading roles in The King and I and Oliver. He also sang in a number of television shows, which led to acting roles in many of Britain’s best loved TV series, including Dr Who.

Valentine is a published author, screen writer and voice artist, and for twelve years was a producer of TV commercials and corporate video for clients like BP and IBM. For the past seventeen years he has been a voice and presentation coach, working with people from all walks of life and from some ten different countries. His web site  contains many helpful video courses and learning materials, especially on the use of the voice.