My life transformed dramatically last year (in 2013) when I set the intention for the year in one word: PROSPERITY

In this video I explain the power of Intention Setting Rituals in manifesting prosperity:

The ‘Prosperity’ intention for 2013 directly lead to the creation of my latest and biggest business venture SourceTV together with Hollywood based TV/Video and Digital Marketing Expert and ‘Business Shaman’ Kevin Stein.

SourceTV is now my passion and my main business focus. My one word intention for 2014 is LOVE – to stay aligned to ‘Source’ energy, working through a heartfelt desire to help Thought Leaders and Transformational Teachers get their messages of empowerment to a wider audience.

If you’d like to be involved in SourceTV please email me at rachel [at] source.tv

If you’d like to contact me please email me at rachel [at] rachelelnaugh.com putting NEW ENQUIRY in your email title.

PLEASE NOTE I NO LONGER INVEST IN BUSINESSES. I recommend you look at the Angel’s Den site – they offer both Angel Investment as well as Crowdfunding – if you need assistance raising finance.

I always try to answer every email personally and if you put NEW ENQUIRY in the email subject title it will get priority attention.

With best wishes,

Rachel xx

Rachel Elnaugh – Entrepreneur, creator of the market leading experiences company ‘Red Letter Days’, star of BBCTV’s ‘Dragons’ Den’ series 1 & 2, author ‘Business Nightmares’, creator ‘Business Alchemy’, award winning Business Mentor and Professional Speaker, co-producer of the 12.12.12 ‘One World’ experience, and co-creator of the new business operating and marketing platform for thought leaders www.source.tv

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