“Powerful, transformational course, it’s really helped change my life, heal underlying traumas and is already jet propelling my contribution to this planet/business…” – Lia Aquila

Launched in January 2015 on SourceTV,  Affluence2015 quickly became the best-selling online product on the platform ever!  Designed to help you get into effortless flow around money, this 15 day online video programme will help you understand and heal your relationship with money.

Imagine if your relationship with money was as easy as your relationship with breathing…

Imagine if you were able to attract money in effortlessly, and you were happy to flow money out without any tension or worry whatsoever?

Imagine if you were so comfortable in your relationship with money and your ability to flow money that you felt no need to accumulate a huge reservoir of wealth?

To me this kind of relationship with money is true prosperity, it’s true affluence – when you can get into a really virtuous flow around creating wealth and sharing your wealth with other people and recognising other people’s light in the world.

“Affluence 2015 is a real, authentic gem that opens the door for golden light and golden opportunitues to create more prosperity for all individuals at whatever stage in their life they may be.” – Chrisoula Sirigou, The Golden Muse

Over the 15 days you’ll understand:

– How to become deeply ‘attractive’ 
– Why Gold is a precious metal
– Where Love flows Money goes
– The real ‘Jewels of Prosperity’ 
– How to be happy even when the tide is out
– Containment – the most important part of the river are its banks
– How Appreciation Amplifies
– Reconnecting to value
– The ‘Art of Flow’
– Healing your relationship with money
– How to press the reset button on your wealth
– Asking how you may serve

“This feels really as coming from a spirit of abundance.  What I perceive and appreciate is that beyond the words and concepts there is clearly consciousness – in the way you co-created this cycle intentionally – through which a field of resonance is manifested on which living experience resonates in me on the carrier wave of your expression.  Especially knowing most of the American abundance gur’s I appreciate that your work is not just focused on money, but on the wider spirit and connected patterns about abundance.”


Your investment in Affluence 2015 is just £15.  

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“I finished Affluence 2015 and within 5 minutes had an invitation to beta test a speaker training programme for a friend. I’ve wanted to do some training for several months and it happened immediately I finished the course. The power of attraction at work!” – Emma Cox 

Affluence 2015

Finally, a story from one of the first participants on the programme…

“You know what it’s like when you’ve had something good, you don’t want it to end, but on this occasion I’ve come away knowing I’ve been given the keys to getting started.

I’ve also begun to understand you Rachel, your purpose in producing Affluence 2015 and what inspires you, for the greater good of many. That’s awesome! Thank you, for being an excellent teacher and then some.

Today, the 19th of January 2015 is a special day for me, as I graduate from university, having attained my Master of Arts in Curating Contemporary Design, and whilst I couldn’t be there in person, I feel centred, realise I don’t need the accolade, at peace with myself and elated at having attained two core elements of training in my life, the other being Affluence 2015.

On Saturday a friend/client whose bespoke chocolate business I helped promote and launch some nine or ten years ago contacted me through a social network with an invitation to produce an exhibition for him. He’s now successful, well established and relocating the business and family to Lewes in Brighton. Ironically, the same place I plan to live!

Today, I’m smiling, amazing things are happening – brief example; went to look for a sheet of paper in my wardrobe today and instead came across a box of filing. It contained hundreds of old receipts dated from 2002 – 2004. I was horrified! It took me an hour and a half to clear them and others I knew I had in my kitchen, some dating back to 2009 out. Without exaggeration, when pressed down, I filled half a supermarket carrier bag. I thought about that early lesson I’d learnt on Affluence 2015, when Rachel spoke about people that are broke/low on finance usually have old receipts they haven’t cleared out and tend have black purses – I was guilty on both counts.

When I went back into my bedroom, as I stood there, I became aware of the fact that I was actually feeling lighter.

Yesterday evening, I went to the local shop after work (I work from home and have started walking daily, 20 mins minimum) and decided to pop into my neighbours’ briefly, who recently lost her best friend, on my way back. While there she was working on the most beautiful invitations for a fiftieth birthday party. She’s also a certified florist and has done at least two funerals in recent months for friends.

The conversation that took place when broken down was about her self-worth, and receiving payment equal to the value she gives to others. She spoke of being devalued regularly, even with one of the recent funerals, to the point that although at 70 she’d found her passion in life, has chosen not to run a business to avoid being hurt and feeling depleted.

I became aware of myself listening calmly then shift into a mode of service; reminiscent of one aspect of the messages I listened to earlier for Day 15.

I asked her what happened in her life to make her feel so devalued that she hadn’t addressed it yet? She made immediate reference to her divorce (some thirty years ago) and this being the one thing from her marriage that she hadn’t dealt with. She then said she was ready to address it now. I started to feel light headed – mainly due I think, to the fact I needed to eat, so went home.

We met in September 2014, at church, when we both joined the choir, and found that we live 2 minutes away from each other, literally, on the same Close, and get on really well, despite our twenty years gap.

Later that evening, I became mindful that I was in her life to help her shift into affluence and capable of doing so. Whilst there she’d told me she loves craft-work so much, that it doesn’t feel like work. As a creative business I can also put work her way.

Before I left, I told her, that the genius of living a wealthy life is doing something you love, that doesn’t feel like work and being paid equivalent to your worth, and knew she’d taken this on board.

I’m the kind of person that loves life, loves to smile, and can feel so much joy that it feels like the sun’s radiating from my heart. I’ve reconnected with this way of being. I’m so grateful for how I feel today and the smile beaming within me and across my face.

During the process of this course I remembered the saying – “When the pupil is ready the teacher shows up.” Affluence 2015 has been a real eye opener and a learning curve to completion. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course, and essentially what has been an instruction and guide to moving into, and, being affluent as ultimately this is about living your best life, always.

Thank you, thank you; thank you!” – Lorraine Gabriel

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