“Rachel, as a result of your help….

We have money flying at us from all angles, I am blissfully happy in my home and the kids are serene, I have really come into my own work-wise and we are experiencing some solid  and consistent results there, I have awakened to a new spirituality which I am finding wonderfully exciting and my husband and I are very together.

So all in all, I think we have quite a bit to thank you for as it was you, lady, that was the catalyst.  I’m not quite sure how to repay you but I have a feeling the universe will do this anyway.

On another note, we are moving offices into space which is four times the size, we were wondering if you could come and feng shui the place before we move in.

 All my love and gratitude, K”

When I mention feng shui in the context of business I typically get an allergic reaction.  Particularly from men!  However, many people are increasingly opening to the power of energy work to transform their business.    Here I want to explain to you how simple and powerful this ancient art of shaping the energy of your environment is at dramatically transforming the results you are achieving.

My interest in feng shui started over 20 years ago when I started reading books by feng shui guru Lillian Too.  Then last year I was invited to speak at two events about how feng shui – both good and bad – had dramatically affected the fortunes of my first business Red Letter Days.

You can watch one of these talks in the two videos right at the bottom of this page.

This inspired me to go and train properly, so in November 2010 I flew to Kuala Lumpur to fulfil a lifelong ambition to study under Grand Master Lillian Too.

It was a week that transformed my life.  The changes I made to my own office and home when I got back achieved stunning results  – within weeks.  I generated more sales by value than I had in the previous 3 months and my husband (a total sceptic) unexpectedly started pulling in a whole series of £multi-million deals.   I had also been in conflict with a former client and on Lillian’s advice placed the relevant feng shui ‘cure’ in an afflicted area of my home; within 10 days without my taking any further action the client contacted me out of the blue and offered to settle for £10,000.

So I KNOW from my personal experience that this stuff really does work!

‘Feng Shui’ simply means ‘wind’ and ‘water’ – which are the building blocks of nature.  Where you create harmonious spaces where these quantum particles of energy can gather and flow in harmony you create the conditions for abundance.  Added to that, when you introduce auspicious symbolism of money & success into your environment you subliminally create messages of intent which magically start attracting great results.

If you would like me to visit your home or business and review your feng shui – particularly in the context of wealth and prosperity – I am offering 5 consultations at a specially reduced rate of £495. I’ll come and spend two to three hours with you, looking at what is going on within the energy of your environment, identify any blocks and challenges you may be facing and suggesting simple and inexpensive ‘cures’ which you can introduce to shift the energy and change the results you are getting. To book a session please use the PayPal button below.

Please note this offer applies to UK mainland addresses only within 100 miles of London or Bakewell (where I live) – addresses outside these areas will be subject to travelling expenses.

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