Business Nightmares

My first book Business Nightmares is not only my own story of creating a business from nothing on a shoestring budget, building it into a £multi-million turnover market leading brand and then seeing it fall into administration 16 years after I founded it… I’ve also looked at the stories of 20 other hugely successful entrepreneurs who also hit a bump in the road on their own journey and how they either survived – or if they failed how they bounced back.Did you know that the late Sir James Goldsmith was saved from bankruptcy in the 1950’s when the French banks went on strike for 3 weeks – enough time to sell his business, from which he went on to found his £multi-billion business empire?  Or that Donald Trump was saved from his financial meltdown in the early 1990’s – when he was $1billion in debt – by a moment of synchronicity at a Bankers Convention?  Or that my fellow Dragons Doug Richard and Peter Jones both lost fortunes before they hit success?

The book is a mix of stories and anecdotes about how to survive adversity – plus learnings on what NOT to do in business.  Reading it could save you a fortune in costly mistakes!

If you would like a signed copy of the original hardback version (cover price £17.99 + £2 P&P) please let me have details of any special message you would like me to write for you in the special requests box using the Paypal button below and I will send you a copy within 48 hours.


Once you have read the book please do let me know what you think!


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