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Based on your answers you profile as a…Alphapreneur

The majority of highly successful ‘Rich List’ entrepreneurs are Alphapreneurs.  You have a very high chance of being incredibly successful in business!

Driven by high levels of ambition, the need to make money and achieve power and status, Alphapreneurs can be ruthless in achieving their goals.

Their relentless determination allows them to push through any obstacle that appears in their way – even if that obstacle is a person.

To the Alphapreneur, making money is a bit like a drug – no matter how much they make, they always want more.

Alphapreneurs crave winning and being No 1 and will always compare themselves to others higher on the ladder. They love status symbols to display their wealth – the flash car with personalised numberplate, the private jet, the expensive home.

The desire to generate profit is stronger than any other driver and Alphapreneurs may sometimes be tempted to achieve their goals in what others may consider unethical ways. For example, many ‘alpha’ run companies (i.e. those run purely to generate maximum profits) are starting to come into huge criticism for damaging the environment, using Far East sweatshop labour, or abusing their power to put other weaker companies out of business.

Principally driven by ego and winning at all costs, Alphapreneurs need to be careful not to dissipate their energy by getting involved in petty disputes or gaining revenge over their enemies. The business world is changing and consumers are warming to companies and people who display more compassionate and ethical values.

The small number of Alphapreneurs who progress to the ‘Ultrapreneur’ category are the ones who acquire strong zeta values to match their brilliant business acumen: great visionary leadership, a sense of ethics and purpose, and the desire to use their power and wealth to help others – becoming great philanthropists in the process.

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