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Based on your answers you profile as a… Bosspreneur

As the name suggests, the Bosspreneur’s prime motivator for going into business is to gain the freedom that comes from being their own boss.

They like the idea of creating their own empire, over which they can be all-powerful – as well as acquiring wealth along the way.

However, the Bosspreneur is frequently content to settle for a comfortable lifestyle and lacks the vision and ambition to build a big business empire (unlike his fellow Alphapreneur).

Bosspreneurs prefer to run a small team where they can control every aspect of the business, rather than create an executive team and organisation where they need to delegate and devolve power.

Once Bosspreneurs have acquired a certain level of wealth they are loath to risk it by taking the business to the next level.

They have the strong belief ‘If I want something done I need to do it myself’ – which ultimately is very restrictive to the business.

They prefer short-term results, preferring to focus on deals that will produce profit now, rather than being strategic about the overall direction of the business.

Again, this tends to limit the size to which the business can grow, especially as most Bosspreneurs enjoy leisure time and will spend as much time on the golf course or at their villa in as they do progressing their business – especially once the business has achieved momentum and is nicely generating profit.

Bosspreneurs often decide to ‘cash in’ their business and then regress to ‘Execpreneur’, going into semi-retirement and taking consultancy or non-Exec roles in other organisations.

They are often suited to franchise type opportunities, which allows them to set up in business quickly and easily without the risk attached to a totally new business.

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